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  • 'Promise, I'll Make You Extra Proud!' Dimples' Panganay Pens The Most Touching Letter To Her Mom

    Callie said her mom's surprise visit–just weeks after delivering her brother via C-section–was 'exactly what she needed'
    by Dahl D. Bennett .
'Promise, I'll Make You Extra Proud!' Dimples' Panganay Pens The Most Touching Letter To Her Mom
  • “When I grow up I want to be like you@callieahmee,” actress Dimples Romana lovingly wrote on her Instagram recently, tagging her firstborn Callie.  The mom of three was obviously touched by the heartwarming letter her firstborn gave her before she left for Australia.

    Mom and daughter had a short but emotional reunion recently after Dimples gave Callie a surprise visit in Australia. Callie is currently taking up Aviation Management at Southern Cross University in Australia.



    “Mother Dearest,” Callie’s letter began, “You’re leaving today but I already can’t wait to see you next time. By that time, I would have grown much more and I’m hoping that I’d have made you guys extra, extra proud. 

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    “Thank you for coming here to see me even with all the stuff you’ve just gone through. It was just exactly what I needed. I’m so glad that we got to spend time together however short it may have been.”

    In a previous post, Dimples shared that a lot has been going on in their lives preventing her and husband, Boyet Ahmee, to visit Callie sooner. Dimples also recently gave birth to their third child, Ellio and admitted that she has been going through ‘post-partum blues.’

    On July 19, Dimples was finally able to visit Callie but her husband had to stay behind because his visa did not arrive on time.

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    The rest of Callie’s letter reads: 

    “Next time we’ll go to Melbourne, do a dinner cruise and every possible tourist-y thing ever hihi.

    “When you get home, please do rest and take care of yourself also (and don’t forget to call me). Have a safe flight and don’t forget to eat. Well here, I’ll keep working on my licenses here so when you come back and I can hopefully take you on one of my flights.”


    Callie closes her letter filled with gratitude for her mom’s efforts to visit her and repeats that she will make sure to make both her mom and dad proud. 

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    “Thank you again, Ma. I love you soooooo much. I’ll always be here. I promise  I’ll make you guys proud. I love you.”

    Callie ends her letter with a cool and apt valediction. “Your captain, Callie.”

    In her Instagram caption, Dimples mentions that she too left her daughter a note: I’d put what I want to tell you here, but I already did that. Check the cabinet by the guest room. LOVE YOU.

    Dimples ends her post on a candid note, tagging her husband: “I may have messed up plenty of times in the past, but at least, I got you right we did good with this one, @papaboyetonline,” she writes.


    To her daughter, she gives this encouraging line:  “Now go rock those flights.”


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