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Dimples Romana Wows With Slim Body 2 Weeks Postpartum: 'Parang Di Nagluwal Ng Sanggol'
PHOTO BY Instagram/dimplesromana
  • Since Dimples Romana gave birth via Cesarean section delivery (for the third time) in late June 2022, she still can't go back to her usual fitness routine.

    "I literally cannot do much, but little tiny steps," the well regarded actress said in an Instagram post two weeks postpartum.

    But, she added, "I’ll try to share with you more of my fitness tips after giving birth, wellness, skin care, meditation and everything else that helps me take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."

    The following day, Dimples shared a TikTok video of her dancing that shows off not only her moves but also her noticeably slim body.

    She wrote in the caption, "Dancing and celebrating simple victories this morning for this momma fighting through postpartum blues today."

    She enumerated those simple victories as:

    • Making morning call and checking in on her eldest child and the ate in her brood of three, Callie, who's currently in Australia to study how to be a pilot
    • Preparing food for her husband Boyet Ahmee and their second child Alonzo
    • Feeding and playing with the latest addition to their family, Baby Elio


    Dimples explained in an older post that she found herself "having to study TikTok’s" with Alonzo. "He loves dancing so as a mom, I try to do it with him too."

    The new mom added in her caption, "Now, tiktok to move and exercise a bit since I’m not allowed any strenuous workouts yet."

    She got an overwhelmingly positive response from her social media followers, including some fellow celebrity moms.

    Aiko Melendez commented, "Nanganak ka ng lagay na yan sis??? ???? Where is justice? Ang sexy agad!!!"

    Dianne Medina seconded the motion: "Grabe sexy!"

    Sitti Navarro also commented, "Parang di nanganak!! Congratulations again Dimples!! You’ve got this!"

    Moments later, Dimples shared another video of her dancing with Baby Elio in her arms and Boyet and Alonzo joining in the fun.

    In her latest post, the loving mom indulged her middle child in dancing together.

    She wrote in the caption, "'Yung anak mong mas may swag pa sa 'yo! Dancing my blues away with this gwapo kuya #AlonzoRomeoJose of mine...P.s. nak, easy on the dimple showing, nakakakilig."

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    Dimples' slim body once again wowed her followers, one of which is her colleague. Ruby Ruiz. The seasoned actress commented, "Parang di nagluwal ng sanggol." To which the younger actress simply replied, "Miss you, Tita."

    PHOTO BY Instagram/dimplesromana

    Other commenters had a similar reaction:


    PHOTO BY Instagram/dimplesromana

    Postnatal care after a C-section


    When you finally get the final okay to go home from the hospital, here's what you need to keep in mind for your postnatal care after a C-section delivery:

    Take it easy

    During the first few weeks, no climbing of stairs, no strenuous chores, and no heavy lifting, and no sex. Support your tummy when you laugh or sit down. You can gradually introduce movement to your abdominal area to promote blood circulation in the area.

    Say no to exercise for now

    Walking and basic stretching is fine, but not yet for the abdominal muscles. Dr. Teresa Bongala, an ob-gyn, said in a past interview with Smart Parenting that exercise is not allowed during the first six weeks after giving birth, or at least depending on how your body is recovering. This will allow your body to heal. 

    Wash your wound properly

    Wash your wound gently by wetting a washcloth or sponge with soapy water and squeezing it over your wound. Never rub your wound (it's painful!). Pat the wound gently to dry or let it air-dry for at least 15 minutes before putting on a bandage. Don't scratch it especially when it's healing.

    Replace bandages regularly

    Use clear, waterproof bandages, suggested Dr. Bongala. Replace it two to three times daily, and every time the bandage gets wet. You can shower with the bandage on, but keeping a wet bandage on for long periods invites bacteria, which can lead to infection. 

    Wear a binder

    A pregnancy binder helps keep your abdomen snug, but don't wear it too tight. You can also opt for loose-fitting cotton oversized underwear or boxer shorts to protect your wound. It only takes days for the skin to heal, but it takes six to eight weeks it to completely heal underneath. 


    Eat healthily

    Dr. Bongala's advice: "Aside from eating a well-balanced diet and food that are rich in iron and calcium, take plenty of ascorbic acid to speed up the healing of the incision."

    Moms who delivered via C-section are prone to gas pains, so avoid carbonated drinks, citrus juices, and beverages, which might cause the abdominal discomfort.

    In another interview, Dr. Natasha Balbas, a chiropractor who specializes in women and children's care, suggested eating food high in fiber to help pass bowel movements easier.

    Probiotics and antioxidant-rich foods can also help protect your wound from getting infected.

    Read also: C-Section Recovery: What to Expect First Month Postpartum

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