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  • “Please Always Need Papa”: Doug Kramer Is Nostalgic Over Kendra Becoming A Teenager

    “Grabe, I can’t believe we’re gonna have a teenager na!” says the dad of three.
    by Ronna Capili Bonifacio .
“Please Always Need Papa”: Doug Kramer Is Nostalgic Over Kendra Becoming A Teenager
  • There’s something different about the teenage years. Once a child hits the age bracket that ends with the word ‘teen’, parents know that childhood has ended and a new season of parenting is beginning.

    It looks like Doug Kramer may have felt this way when he realized that in just a couple of days, he and wife Cheska Garcia-Kramer are officially going to be parents to a teenager.

    “T-minus two weeks till my baby @kendra.kramer turns 13!!!” he posted on his Instagram account.“Grabe, I can’t believe we’re gonna have a teenager na!”

    Friends and fellow parents couldn’t help but get a bit nostalgic with Doug, replying “Awww” or “Omggg” like Isabelle Daza and Andi Manzano.

    Kendra, the style maven to watch out for

    During the Kramer’s recent US vacation, netizens could not help but notice just how much Kendra Kramer has grown up.

    Next to her father who towers over most, Kendra is already catching up in height. She just has a few inches to go till she’s the same height as mom Cheska.

    Kendra looks every inch like a model in this recent photo.

    Many have pointed out how much she resembles a young Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018, in her recent photos.

    Like most tweens, Kendra enjoys dressing up and plays with makeup on her socials.

    She is currently homeschooled together with her siblings, Scarlett and Gavin.

    watch now

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    Throwback to toddler years

    It looks like Doug’s been feeling nostalgic for quite a while now about Kendra entering her teenage years. Before his most recent photo post, he also shared an old video of Kendra as an upset toddler crying out for her dad.

    “Pls always need papa like this. Even when you’re big na, I’ll still carry you and comfort you baby girl. I love you Kenny, Doug writes in his caption. 

    The video shows Kendra crying while sitting on the floor and calling out for her dad. Once Doug picked her up, toddler Kendra instantly felt better and even kissed her dad.

    2 changes to expect in the teenage years

    Children entering the teenage years go through a number of changes, namely physical, emotional, social, and cognitive says Raising Children Network Australia, an Australian parenting site.


    Below are some changes you can expect in your teenager:

    1. Emotional changes

    “Pre-teens and teenagers often feel strong and sometimes overwhelming emotions like shame and humiliation, says Raising Children Network Australia.

    However, it is important to remember that teenagers and tweens do not have the skills to manage and express their emotions because of brain development.

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    Often friction between parents and teenage children happens because parents expect their teenage children to be able to identify and manage their emotions well.

    But as the parenting site reminds, “They might know the words for these emotions but still have trouble recognizing them when they’re upset.

    Teenagers will continue to need help understanding and managing emotions.

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    2. Social changes

    “Young people are busy working out who they are and where they fit in the world, says the Australian site. This looks like experimentation, often expressed in style, music, and art.


    Remember that it can just be a phase. If a teenager is interested in a particular subculture, be reminded that it is a way for a teenager to decided what they are identifying with. “It gives your child a way of exploring new values and deciding how these fit with their family values.

    What other parents are reading

    Think back to your own teenage years and try to remember if you once felt strongly about a particular music genre that you no longer identify with today. This can be a way for you to understand your child’s burgeoning teenage years.

    “You might not understand why your child likes a particular subculture, but it’s important not to put your child down for it.

    Make sure to keep communication lines open with your teenage child and be respectful of their thoughts and choices. Practice active listening.

    What other parents are reading

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