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Bettina Carlos Makes the Best Lactation Goodies Called Milking Bombs
PHOTO BY @milkingbombsbyabc/Instagram and Lai de Guzman
  • Lactation goodies have become a staple in breastfeeding moms’ diets as their ingredients help increase production of breast milk. And right now, Bettina Carlos’s milking bombs are one of the ultimate favorite treats that breastfeeding moms enjoy.

    Milking Bombs by ABC began three years ago when Bettina’s dad ran the idea by his kids.

    “Our dad has a cattle farm, and in his search for food that can make the cows produce more milk, he just told me and my brother,” the celebrity mompreneur told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during a recent sit-down interview.

    “So, us as obedient children… we looked into it, and we thought, ‘Yeah, you know, this is workable.’”

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    At that time, a lactation dessert was a novel concept for breastfeeding moms. Bettina explained, “Parang this is something the market doesn’t have much of yet. Although at that time, there were already a few players.


    “We really studied on how to make it the most effective and the most efficient one.

    “So we can guarantee 40 to 45 minutes letdown as soon as you pop a cookie,” she added, referring to the release of milk from the breast.

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    With this goal in mind, Bettina and her brother, Clinton, worked on different recipes. They eventually created one that fulfilled that promise.

    Bettina revealed, “Talaga yung blessing when you obey and you honor your parents…To this day, it’s really selling! We can really claim, based on the testimony of our customers, that it really made them produce soon and a lot at the same time. They could repump six or eight ounces [of breast milk] right away after feeding…”

    The company currently has four lactation treat variants.

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    Milking Bombs, the original variant, are, in fact, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We've always loved the "isang kagatan lang" size.


    The Crinkoats is a favorite (whether you are lactating or not!). It's chocolate fudge cookies covered in rolled oats and cashew.

    For Choc-Nut fans, the brownie variant is for you.

    Aside from malunggay leaves, the Malunggay Pandecitos is packed with fenugreek, brewer's yeast and flaxseeds, all known as milk boosters.

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    And in case you were wondering about the name "milking bombs," Bettinna replied, “When I was thinking [of] the name, pasasabugan talaga natin yung boobs nila with gatas! Gano'n talaga iyong idea.

    “That’s really what the brand is all about. It’s a mommy’s breast friend, iyon nga yung sabi namin. Every mom’s breast friend.”

    A dozen of these lactation treats starts at Php400.

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