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  • This Breast Pump Is An All-Time Mom Favorite Because It Requires Minimal Effort

    Moms say this is the easiest way to express breast milk and build a milk stash.
    by Grace Bautista . Published Oct 9, 2020
This Breast Pump Is An All-Time Mom Favorite Because It Requires Minimal Effort
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  • Haakaa has gained popularity in the last four years as breastfeeding moms all over the world praise and embrace this simple yet effective milk collection device.


    In case you are not familiar, Haakaa is a manual yet hands-free breast pump made from 100% food-grade silicone. This one-piece (or two, if it is the Gen 3 model) device is sometimes called a letdown catcher, but actually, it is able to draw more milk than just the letdown. Its suction gently presses on the full milk ducts and causes the milk to squirt or flow into the pump.

    3 reasons why moms love the Haakaa breast pump

    Pumping with Haakaa is done by simply squeezing the base to create a vacuum and attaching the Haakaa to the breast. Some moms say folding the flange out before squeezing the base creates a stronger suction. If correctly positioned on a full breast, the Haakaa will get the milk flowing into the pump in no time, and the mom can just leave it to do its job until the pump is almost full or the milk stops flowing.

    Here are more reasons why moms can’t help but rave about this manual breast pump, according to their product reviews on babymama.ph.

    Helpful for building a milk stash

    Haakaa is most commonly used by moms to catch their letdown milk on one breast while their baby feeds on the opposite breast. Most moms say they are able to collect one to two ounces of milk per feeding, but those who have more active milk-producing glands say they are able to get up to four ounces – that's one Haakaa-ful! The milk they collect is then placed in a milk storage bag or container, and then frozen for future use. 

    "Haakaa helped me to build my stash before returning to work. I just attach it and I can get 1oz per feeding and in a day, I collect 3-4oz which is enough to build my stash. It is already a big thing for me since I cannot pump during my maternity leave because my little one always wants to latch.


    "Building stash with it is effortless. At first, I was hesitant to buy because I don’t have letdown on my other breast when the little one latches, but when I attached Haakaa, I automatically get letdown." — Glaiza Dimapilis

    "Happy that I can continue to stock up on breast milk for baby’s future needs even while nursing her on the other boob. The letdown output of just 1oz or 2oz per session still counts!" — Crizia Nicole Ang

    Buy it on Lazada here.

    Hands-free, easy to use and clean

    Moms love the Haakaa because of its simple but intelligent design. It's amazing how this plain, little contraption that does not have a motor can express so much breast milk hands-free! Moms also love that it is light, not fragile, and is easy to clean, store or bring in a bag.

    "This is, without a doubt, every breastfeeding Momma’s must-have! It’s very easy and convenient to use [and I'm] still able to use both hands. I love it so much that I purchased another a few days after receiving my first one." — Khirsty Mae Filio

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    “Great product! I love that I can just leave it on while my baby is nursing [on] the other side. It’s simple, quiet, and easy to use and clean.” — Cheryl

    “I get the same amount of milk [that I used to get from an] electric pump with less effort and pain. Would recommend it to all moms!” — nerissa.neri

    "It’s really quite useful when I’m nursing the little one and want to collect from the other side. It works by a continuous suction mechanism. Once you’ve achieved milk letdown, the milk comes out in continuous stream. It works best when I’m engorged.

    "Don’t be deceived. The suction is pretty strong on this one. Sometimes I use it while driving home from work (with a nursing cover on of course). Apply it on the breast with suction, drive home, then get around 2-2.5 oz. just like that... This pump is really worth more than its price as far as ease of use and convenience is concerned." — Aina


    Buy it on Lazada here.

    Busy moms use it along with an electric pump

    Haakaa can also be used to collect breast milk or relieve engorgement when the mom is not nursing, but it cannot take the place of an electric breast pump especially if you are a busy working mom with only 20-minute lactation breaks. 

    "I’m on day 6 of using Haakaa and it does help very well with catching letdown. It is most effective when you attach the Haakaa while direct latching on the other breast or if you really feel full, it will help get the milk out. When not full or not feeding, I just get a small amount so it is still best to have an electric pump to express fast and [especially] if going back to work." — Christelle Vitasa

     “Haakaa was recommended by my OBGYN for milk letdown. No more liquid gold wasted while breastfeeding. Very helpful together with the Wisemom Portable Double Electric Pump.” — Catherine Adona


    Buy it on Lazada here.


    Wondering how to properly store expressed breast milk? Click here for tips.

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