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  • Moms Love This Breast Pump Because It's Portable, Affordable, And Easy To Use

    Add this to your list of essentials if you're planning to breastfeed your baby.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Moms Love This Breast Pump Because It's Portable, Affordable, And Easy To Use
  • If you’re preparing for your newborn and have committed to breastfeeding, one of the essentials you’ll need is a reliable breast pump. For moms who want to express milk faster and more comfortably, an electric breast pump may be the better choice.

    Affordable breast pump moms love

    There are a lot of choices for every budget (see our list here). But if you’re looking for a sulit buy, moms on our Facebook community, Smart Parenting Village, recommend the Wisemom Pocket Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump (Php2,195).


    Moms can't help but love this affordable and portable electric breast pump!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of babymama.ph

    Apart from its affordable price point, it also has a number of good features: There are 2 suction modes available — massage and expression. Massage mode is a quicker and lighter suction that allows you to adjust the level up to six times. This is usually done to enable milk letdown. Expression mode has a longer and stronger suction and its levels can be adjusted up to nine times.

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    One full charge lasts around 90 minutes, but you can use it up to 12 pumping sessions in a day. It’s also portable and silent, so you can pump discreetly wherever you are. It comes with a 26mm standard flange, but it can easily fit other flanges between 20 to 26mm as well.

    If you’re looking for an upgrade, Wisemom also offers the Pomona Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump (Php3,995). Like its “sister,” the Pomona is also portable but comes with 4 suction modes: Massage, expression, quick, and rhythm. Quick mode has a fast but shallower suction adjustable up to six levels while rhythm offers different suction speeds and is adjustable up to nine levels.

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    What other parents are reading

    Here are more reasons why moms can’t help but rave about these electric breast pumps:

    “Comfortable siya gamitin throughout the pumping session kasi may silicon massager, tapos may different functions so ma-a-adjust mo siya kung saan ka mas comfortable. Compact din siya at magaan, madaling dalhin, at dahil nga rechargeable siya, hindi mo na kailangan bumili ng battery or maghanap ng saksakan.” —Dhey Dizon Bertos

    “I used the Wisemom Pomona. Masyado malakas ‘yung suction niya for me and the flange na kasama sa set is hindi kasya sa’kin so I bought a separate flange na fit sa’kin. I used a nipple cream during the first few weeks kasi ang lakas ng suction niya for me and it takes getting used to. But eventually, nasanay na rin ako after a few months.” — Bles de Leon

     “It’s good especially when traveling since the batteries are not easily drained. Used it for my two babies, then passed it to may sister and then to my best friend’s sister now. Kumbaga, gamit na gamit! Got it on sale on Baby Mama and after 4 years, it is still working perfectly.” — Jan Heather Muro Aguila

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    “Handy at pocket sized sila. Affordable as well!” — Chela Saputil Ferma

    “Gusto ko siya — 10 minutes lang na pumping, dami ko nang nakukuha and hindi masakit sa breast.” — Yuh Aguilar

    “It’s lightweight and smaller than the usual, but works as well as others.” — Siv Tanamor

    “I’m using Wisemom Pocket and so far ok naman siya. Malakas angsuction and so mabilis maka-collect ng milk. Plus factor talaga na handy and rechargeable siya!” — Ilene Angulo Mandap

    What’s your recommended breast pump? Share it with us in the comments! Prefer manual breast pumps? Click here for a list!

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