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  • Rica Peralejo Shares 5 Things She Is Trying to Boost Her Milk Supply

    The mom of two is keeping the faith that baby Manu will latch again soon.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Rica Peralejo Shares 5 Things She Is Trying to Boost Her Milk Supply
PHOTO BY @ricaperalejo/Instagram
  • It can happen to any breastfeeding momma: one day you have an oversupply of breast milk you don’t know how to fit everything into your freezer, and then the next day you could hardly fill up a small container. It can truly be frustrating, especially if you’ve never had a problem with your milk supply previously.

    Mom of two Rica Peralejo wrote about an experience similar to this recently. Her youngest son Manu “hasn’t been eating and sleeping and playing well” because he’s hungry and on the verge of dehydration.

    “As we assessed, we really have no clue which came first — him weaning or my supply going down? (Or just regulated? And gets impatient at the slow let down?) There is no telling. I am still in the process of finding answers,” the mom said of her almost 4-month-old baby.

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    Rica expressed her sadness about not having enough milk supply to offer Manu, because she says it was not a problem with her first child Philip, now 5 years old. Truth is, it wasn’t a problem with Manu, either, until recently. 


    “In the meantime, I am trying to build my stash. I have some from my oversupply in the earlier months,” she mentioned, which means she used to be able to store excess breast milk in the recent past.  

    “I am heartbroken, as I breastfed my first for two years. Nursing is one of the best feelings in the world for me so I really would rather not stop it,” she wrote. In fact, with Manu, Rica has said that she only does direct breastfeeding, thus she has to take the baby with her wherever she goes, even on her dentist appointment

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    Based on her Instagram post, Rica has tried many things to bring her milk supply up, and anticipate the worst scenario:

    1. Got new flanges for her breast pump.

    Good-fitting breast pump flanges are necessary to optimize suction, as is a reliable breast pump. On Instagram Stories, Rica shared her experience with a second-hand breast pump she used while Philip was still a baby. 


    PHOTO BY @ricaperalejo/Instagram Stories


    2. Bought a hands-free pumping bra.

    This is primarily helpful so moms can multitask even as they are collecting milk. 

    3. Tried the SNS (supplemental nursing system) device.

    As explained on the Medela website, the SNS “is a reservoir that is filled with supplemental nutrition. It can then be placed on the mum’s chest or on a pole. The very thin, flexible tubes are fixed alongside the mother’s nipples and release additional milk and supplements as the baby feeds.” It helps stimulate breast milk through the baby’s direct sucking at the breast, while also ensuring he still gets the nutrition he needs despite the low breast milk supply. 

    4. Nourishing herself with galactagogues to boost milk production. 

    Here are just some of the lactation treats moms depend on (and enjoy, too!).

    5. Contacted possible breast milk donors. 

    Let’s hope these would work! Ultimately, Rica is praying that Manu would latch again. 


    “I really am in faith that he will come back to the breast. Not only because it is enjoyable for me, but breast milk really customizes to baby’s needs. We get that from direct feeding only. No pump will ever be able to do that.” 

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