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Why We Switched Ob-Gyn Midway Through Our Pregnancy
  • In our communities on Parent Chat and Smart Parenting Village, moms always want to know each other's obstetrician-gynecologist. Having one who has been helping care for your reproductive health becomes crucial when you become pregnant.

    While it is better to have the same doctor care for you and your unborn baby throughout the nine months, some do not have that option. They find a doctor by considering factors like the location of the doctor's clinic and his hospital affiliations and his fees (is he covered by your healthcare provider if you one).

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    Why moms switch doctors during pregnancy

    Every doctor, however, has his way of caring for patients, one that may not suit what you had in mind for your birth plan. Or you are plainly uncomfortable with how he's handling your prenatal care. If that is the case, you are free to switch doctors any time like these moms on our Facebook group who share their reasons for switching doctors. We hope they can help you make an informed decision (entries edited for clarity).

    You don't feel you're getting the attention and care you deserve

    "Mabilisan lang and checkups with my first OB. Pumila kami ng more than two hours. She looked uninterested and always in a hurry during checkups. We found a new OB and thankful kasi nasasagot niya talaga lahat ng questions ko. I'm a first-time mom kaya super daming worries and questions. My new OB was caring and approachable. I learned a lot during my pregnancy." — Martezza Ezra Legaspi Atacador, mom to Elle, 8 months


    You need a specialist doctor for your condition

    "I have an established good relationship with my OB who took care of my baby and me since the early stage of my pregnancy. However, due to my condition, I had to switch doctors. I was hypertensive. On my third trimester, my blood pressure shot up to 200/110 and became uncontrollable. Because of that, my OB referred me to a perinatologist. I switched doctors because my situation called for it." — Donna Marie, mom to Nico, 20, Dane 17, and Cadis, 4 months

    You need your doctor to respect and support your birth choices.

    "I was 35 weeks pregnant when I switched to another OB. My first doctor did not agree with my birth plan of having a gentle water birth. I was really aiming for unmedicated and normal delivery, so I could take care of my health and managed my weight. But it seemed my OB was conditioning me to go for a C-section. I switched to an OB who is an advocate of gentle birthing. —Rea Benoman-Panlaqui, mom to John Nissi, 3 months

    "I changed my doctor twice. I jumped from one doctor to another until I found the ob-gyn who actually listened to my desire for VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I was already 28 weeks preggy at that time. She was the only doctor who checked my post-operative history and informed me of the guidelines to have a successful VBAC. I was so glad to be under her care, and yes, we succeeded. —Victoria Ann, mom to Ava Isabella, 4, and Via Soleil, 6 months

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    You need a doctor who uplifts your spirit.

    "I waited seven years to get pregnant. When I finally missed my period and saw two lines on a pregnancy test, we searched for a well-recommended ob-gyn covered by our health card. After my transvaginal exam on my 6th week, she noted that the embryo was too small but still prescribed 'pampakapit' meds and prenatal vitamins. Here was the reason I switched: mahigpit na bilin niya na huwag daw muna akong bibili ng madaming medicines and vitamins dahil baka hindi din naman daw magtuloy yung pagbubuntis ko. My heart fell right there, and my husband was speechless.

    "Kinabukasan, we went back to our fertility doctor (we've had fertility workup for two years to no avail) kahit na super pricey and hindi covered ng health card. We had a repeat transvaginal exam after a week, and the embryo already had a heartbeat. Since then, hindi na kami umalis sa kanya. My firstborn is now turning 4. —Anna Cecilia Perez Teaño, mom to Felix Gabriel, 4; Isabella Cassandra, 2, and Samuel Isaiah, 6 months

    "I had two miscarriages, and when I got pregnant for the third time, my first OB was already saying things like it wasn't a good idea for me to conceive again. She was discouraging me from having a baby, which was heartbreaking. It was tough hearing it from my doctor. I asked if I have any medical conditions that wouldn't allow me to keep my baby, and she said none. It's just her 'hunch' that my body and soul were not prepared. I mean who says that to her patient? I never went back to her and went to another OB. After nine months, I delivered a healthy baby girl. —Say Sun, mom to Nique, 9


    You don't want to feel stress every time you go a prenatal checkup.

    "I had to change my OB after the 1st trimester because she seemed uninterested during my first few checkups, which lasted for less than 10 minutes. Wala man lang explanation. Lagi niya lang sinasabi to go back after two weeks kahit na may laboratory test siyang pinapagawa. Then, 'pag may mali sa lab test ko, pinapagalitan niya ako. Kaloka. Sobrang na-stress ako sa OB na 'yun, so I had to change, and I'm glad I did. —Isabel Joy PunzaLan Ong, mom to Ery, 2

    You want a doctor is available for your needs.

    "My first OB didn't allow anyone in the operation room. She didn't give me her contact number and said just to contact her secretary. She said she would give me her number when I'm almost due. My second OB gave me her contact number on my first checkup with her. It was easier to message her whenever I had questions. She also told me that my partner was allowed to cut our baby's cord and encouraged taking pictures — and ang gaganda ng photos ko during the birthing procedure!" —Yankie Nuguid, mom to Idris Balthazar, 6 months

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    You need a doctor with who makes you feel safe and secure.

    "I was on my second trimester when I felt the need to switch doctors simply because I did not feel comfortable with her. There were also no scheduled checkups, so I didn't know when to be back. It always felt like a guessing game that’s why I switched. I’m really happy with my decision because if not, I wouldn't experience the excellent care that all moms deserve." —Gail Fortes-Magbag, mom to Steven Jacob, 16 months


    "I was already on my second trimester when my in-laws asked me to go to the doctor who delivered my husband. Medyo makaluma siya. Hindi siya nag-require ng congenital anomaly scan (CAS), pinainom niya ako ng maternity milk, at nagalit siya nung nagpa-3D ultrasound ako, saying na kaartehan lang yun. She said the same thing when I was rushed to the emergency room due to pain in my tummy. It turned out I was already two centimeters dilated. So, we signed a waiver to go home and went to another doctor.

    "My new OB put me on bed rest and gave me 'pampakapit' medication until I reached the 37th week. I ended up giving birth in another hospital, but I still went back to my second OB for postnatal checkups. She understood our situation and said na ang mahalaga is okay kami ni baby."—Tiffany Luane Gimenez, mom to Nate Caelan, 7, and Nathifa Coleen, 1

    When you go to a pre-conception checkup, discuss your ideal pregnancy and childbirth and ask questions so you can have a feel of what it's like to be the doctor's patient.

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