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  • Isabelle Daza: 'My Love for My Mother Has Exponentially Gone Up Since My Pregnancy'

    Her latest glowing photo has had people guessing her baby is a girl.
    by Rachel Perez .
Isabelle Daza: 'My Love for My Mother Has Exponentially Gone Up Since My Pregnancy'
PHOTO BY @isabelledaza/instagram ILLUSTRATOR Natz Bade
  • How a pregnant woman looks has nothing to do with the gender of the baby she's carrying. But that doesn't stop people from making comments based on a popular pregnancy myth.

    It's what's happening to soon-to-be mom Isabelle Daza. Her recent photo on Instagram shows her in a cropped athletic top and leggings with her biglang-laking baby bump in full view, looking gorgeous as ever. 

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    The 29-year-old Kapamilya's glow prompted friends and followers to comment on the sex of her unborn baby —everyone's betting she's having a baby girl. Isabelle hasn't made any gender announcements. 


    Aside from people guessing her baby's gender, Isabelle is going through the phase that every preggo has experienced when the baby bump becomes prominent: people touching her belly. "There comes a time in your pregnancy where people just rub your belly freely. And sometimes they end up going too low and then you’re like, 'Ok I guess that’s happening.'"(Please do ask a pregnant's woman's permission before you touch her baby bump.)

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    Genes have a lot to do with the mom-to-be's glow (her mother is former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz). But she has been good at staying in good shape to prepare for childbirth.

    Her Instagram shows she does prenatal yoga, which "helps improve sleep, increases flexibility and muscle endurance needed for childbirth." She also mentions it helps clear her mind, which is helpful for pregnant women who are often beset by anxiety and worry.

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    And while she is "blooming," as Bianca Gonzalez commented in her baby bump photo, Isabelle hasn't been spared from experiencing typical pregnancy symptoms: feeling "heavy" all the time, getting tired during mid-day, and experiencing constant bathroom breaks, shortness of breath, cramps, and swelling. 

    "All I can say my love for my mother has exponentially gone up since pregnancy," she wrote. "The struggle is real!! How do women do this more than once?" she added.

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