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  • Michelle Madrigal Bravely Chronicles Post-Baby Fitness Journey: 'I Am A Work In Progress'

    The actress hopes to inspire other new moms to love and own their bodies.
    by Rachel Perez .
Michelle Madrigal Bravely Chronicles Post-Baby Fitness Journey: 'I Am A Work In Progress'
PHOTO BY @mitch_madrigal/instagram
  • Getting back your pre-pregnant body is not a walk in the park, but Michelle Madrigal is attempting to do just that. She isn't quite there yet, but she's doing great at it.

    The actress and new mom gave birth to her daughter Anika in October 2017, and she has been documenting her road to fitness by posting her workouts and even unedited photos of her postpartum figure on social media.

    "When I say I am a work in progress, I don’t just mean physically. I am slowly learning how to love and enjoy my body weight now," Michelle posted on Instagram. For a woman who has never weighed more than 115 pounds, it's not easy for her to ignore the flaws. "But I am definitely loving the size of my behind now, thanks to pregnancy," she admitted. 

    Michelle started working out four weeks after giving birth. Four months later, she's still at it, keeping her routines at a comfortable pace. "We all heal differently post-pregnancy, and we shouldn’t beat ourselves too much if we don’t lose the baby weight right away, especially [despite] seeing other women do on social media," she said. 


    "But it doesn’t mean that we should be complacent of what we have just because we had a baby. Being a mother shouldn’t hinder us from taking care of ourselves. Snap back when you’re ready and make yourself proud," Michelle stressed. 

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    The actress, who's now based in Texas, U.S.A., admitted that there have been days when she wanted to quit. "But I don’t, [because] the hard experience will make it all worth it," Michelle wrote in another post. "I know it will take time, I know it will get harder... but I know I will be damn proud once I get there!" she added. 

    Hoping to inspire other mothers to get their groove back and to motivate herself to focus on her goal, Michelle joined a "transphormation" fitness challenge.  The program, called 1st Phorm, provides her personalized diet plans, exercise routines, and fitness coaching to help her stay on course. 

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    "I was so reluctant to post these photos because it’s not your typical edited or photoshopped IG content. This is me RAW! No makeup, filter-free and just showing off my real postpartum body," she captioned a photo from a series of unedited body selfie posts on Instagram, with her post-preggy pouch in full view. 

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    "This is what 25 days of eating clean and working out religiously looks like. I started at 130 pounds and down to 126 pounds. Progress is a little slow, but it’s better than no progress at all!" Michelle wrote as caption for her second unedited body selfie post on Instagram. 

    The new mom had previously revealed that she had diastasis recti (where the rectus abdominis muscles in your abdomen separate during pregnancy, leaving a gap that allows your belly to pooch out), so trimming down her abs is not that easy. But she remains unfazed. 

    "Ladies, there is no secret to losing weight. You have to commit [100 percent]," Michelle stressed. It's back to basics, really—eating healthy and working out regularly. "There’s no easy way in getting the body you want," she said. 

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    On Day 44, Michelle posted her third unedited body selfie photo showing how her postpartum figure has dramatically improved. She's currently home in Manila visiting her dad who is in the hospital, and she admits it has been tempting to indulge in all her favorite Filipino dishes. But her dad's condition has become an added motivation for her to take care of her health.


    "I’ve learned that I could actually have 'self-control' if you really put your mind to it. Discipline plays a very vital role in your fitness journey," Michelle shared.

    "You need people who will support your choices, pull you up, build and help you achieve your goals," Michelle said. "This is my postpartum journey! Can’t wait to see what this #mombod could do in four more weeks!" she added.

    Visit Michelle's Instagram to see videos of her postpatum workouts.

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