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    A couple’s intimacy doesn’t have to end when a woman gets pregnant.  A plethora of cases can demonstrate that pregnancy surprisingly triggers a sexual engine that fires up, fuelling even more intimacy between partners. Anyhow, some couples don’t feel comfortable about engaging in sex during pregnancy and regard it as a big no-no.


    A healthy pregnancy shouldn’t stop a couple from having sex
    “Sex during pregnancy is not contraindicated,” clarifies Dr. Aurora Lopez-Valdez, an Ob-Gyne at Bethany Hospital in San Fernando City, La Union. “Partners can engage in sex even when the woman is pregnant, and there is no such a thing as best or safest time to do it. You can always do it, as long as there are no convenience issues for both parties.”


    When it’s not safe
    According to Dr. Valdez, there are signs, however, when it is not safe to have sex during pregnancy, which includes bleeding, pre-term labor, placenta previa, and other sensitive conditions diagnosed by your doctor. With you have these particular conditions, she affirms, that it would not be advisable to have sex. But she continues that orgasms in general are absolutely safe and healthy.


    Yes to sex, no to sex toys
    “Vibrators and other sex toys are foreign bodies and are not safe to use during pregnancy, though,” Dr. Valdez adds. It may harm you and your baby without you knowing it. She also advises couples to avoid oral sex as much as possible.


    So what are the safe sexual positions during pregnancy?

    1. Spooning. Apart from the fact that several women actually find this position relaxing and easy, it doesn’t create any pressure on your abdomen, thus keeping the baby safe, too.
    2. Woman on top. Since you’re in control of the penetration and the movements, you can go as you please without hurting yourself and the baby.
    3. Side lying. Though a tricky position, it can be done with proper maneuvering. This position might be quite tiring, though. So reserve it for when you feel energetic.
    4. On Hands & Knees. Again, this is a great technique for pregnant women who want to get rid of abdominal pressures. This may be difficult to accomplish during the last trimester of pregnancy. Holding your huge belly off the bed may require more effort.
    5. Missionary. This position is safe and easy during the early periods of pregnancy. As the belly gets bigger though, there is a greater possibility of abdominal pressure.


    What about Postnatal Sex?
    Partners can resume having sex after childbirth but they should feel each other out. A woman’s body just underwent great physical changes and a lot of hormonal activity. A husband shouldn’t expect his wife to just bounce back. They should talk about it and communicate how they feel. Dr. Valdez suggests that women should wait to get rid of lochia totally before engaging in sex again. Lochia is a vaginal discharge that contains blood, mucus, and placental tissues. “Also, there is the postpartum period where a woman’s body heals and goes back to normalcy after six weeks. In cases of Caesarian section, women have to delay sexual intercourse for at least two months.” If a woman isn’t ready to have postnatal sex yet, there are other ways her partner can show her love and intimacy.



    • Dr. Aurora Lopez-Valdez, FPOGS. Contact details: Bethany Hospital, San Fernando City, La Union, at 072-2424036.
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