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Here's How Much It Costs To Give Birth In The United Kingdom
  • Women looking to give birth in the United Kingdom can expect to be well-supported, thanks to its publicly funded health care called the National Health Service (NHS). If a woman's pregnancy is considered low-risk, she has the freedom to choose where she wants to give birth. Some of the maternity options available include specialist clinics, hospitals, community units, and even their own home. She can also choose between a midwife or a doctor.

    Access to NHS privileges requires one to be a legal resident of the UK, regardless of your nationality. You will then pay 20% tax to the government, which will be used to fund the NHS healthcare system.

    Pregnant women in the UK do not need to pay for prenatal check-ups, laboratory tests, and ultrasound scans. They even receive baby essentials like diapers, medicine, and breastfeeding kits after delivering their babies. These are given after being discharged from the hospital as an initial help to the mom and the newborn—NOT lifetime supply.


    Postnatal care including dental and optical services are also available for moms after giving birth. Their babies also get all their vaccines for free.

    The UK government also provides more assistance to low-income earners among its citizens. Apart from baby essentials, it provides vouchers and discounts.

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    How much to give birth in the United Kingdom

    If one is not eligible under NHS and needs to give birth in the United Kingdom, maternity packages can vary. Most births cost more than the price of a private midwife, which is £5,000 or approximately Php300,000. If you require an obstetrician, you will have to pay their fees on top of the fees for the childbirth itself (a normal delivery will have a different cost than the C-section).

    Here is a breakdown of expenses if you are an expectant mother planning to give birth in UK without any support from the NHS.



    Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you should immediately make an appointment with your doctor or midwife to organize your prenatal care and start getting the appropriate healthcare for you and your baby. In the UK, the cost of an obstetrician for antenatal care and delivery is £6,000 or approximately Php360,000.


    A typical pregnancy would require at least two ultrasound tests: one to confirm the pregnancy during the first trimester and another during the third trimester. That would cost £300 or approximately Php18,000 every scan.

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    Hospital charges

    According to the private healthcare company Guy’s and St. Thomas, for normal delivery and a single night's stay, you will pay around £3,935 or approximately Php236,100 and an additional £950 or approximately Php57,000 per extra night, should you not be ready to go home straight after the birth. 

    For a Cesarean delivery, whether it's elective or emergency, it will cost you around £6,040 or approximately Php362,000 for a two-night stay, which will include accommodation, meals, midwife care during the delivery, theatre fees, drugs, and dressings.


    If you wish to get an epidural injection, you need to prepare £1,395 or approximately Php83,700 for the average price. If you want it done in central London, expect to pay up to £2,490 or approximately Php149,400. 

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    Postnatal checkup

    A pediatric consultation would cost around £250 or approximately Php15,000 for a newborn baby, assuming that there won't be any complications during and after the birth. If there are any complications and extra care would be needed, it would cost it would cost £10,000 or approximately Php600,000.

    Every child in the UK is registered for vaccinations free of charge. Each child receives a Personal Child Health Record to track their medical history.

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    The NHS also provides a timeline that can help you make sure your child's vaccines are on track. As long as your child is registered for vaccinations, you can simply make an appointment with your general practitioner and your child will receive them there. 


    How was your experience giving birth in the UK? Were you able to maximize your NHS benefits? Share them in the comments section.

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