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  • Dr. Marinella Abat, ob-gynecologist, St. Agnes General Hospital and VRP Medical Center, notes that women have to adjust to physiological, physical, psychological, and emotional changes associated with the moods of the baby and their new role as mother. She enumerates some factors which lead to the baby blues:

    Fatigue, lack of sleep, stress from labor and deliveryDiscomfort brought about by post-delivery aches and painsApprehension about baby and family careInsecurities and jealousyInability to satisfy their husbands emotionally and sexuallyDr. Abat concludes, “The best solution to these situations is, by far, the presence of a warm and loving environment and support system.” Having the baby blues also shouldn’t stop a mom from getting a wellness check-up with her doctor.
    Wellness Check-up: A Must
    A healthy mom, both in mind and body, is better outfitted to make parenting a joyful experience for herself and for her new baby. Thus, postpartum care must be given top priority. Around six weeks after delivery, schedule a visit to your doctor. This will enable you to determine if you are recovering as well as you should be. Moreover, this will be a good time to address whatever concerns you may have. This is no time to be lazy, much less be fearful of what may transpire.A standard check-up will merely involve the following:

    Your current weight and blood pressure will be checked. This is to make sure that your recovery is progressing well.In the event that you encountered blood loss during delivery or were anemic during your pregnancy, blood tests and a pap smear may be conducted.Your breasts and abdomen will be examined. Breasts are checked to determine if you have abnormal nipple discharge or lumps in your breast. Breastfeeding moms also need to verify with the doctor the presence of clogged ducts or infection. Abdomens on the other hand are checked to see if your uterus has gone back to its normal size, which should be the case after six weeks.If you underwent an episiotomy, your perineum will be checked to see if it is healing properly.  The internal exam that will be conducted ensures that vaginal bruising, cervical tears, or scratches are on their way to recovery from the trauma of childbirth. Your ovaries will also be assessed, as well as your vaginal muscle tone.This check-up will also be a good time to ask about other issues or concerns that are important to you, such as when you can resume sexual activity or take contraception. Coupled with this new phase are numerous challenges. Keeping this appointment with your doctor will guarantee that you will be in tip-top shape to face the adventure of being a parent with vigor and vitality. After all, it is a lifetime responsibility, and it is best to arm yourself with the best of health and happiness right from the start.

    Dr. Marinella Abat, ob-gynecologist, St. Agnes General Hospital and VRP Medical CenterWebsite: mayoclinic.com

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