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Kendra Kramer Receives A Gift Worth 400K On Her 13th Birthday
  • What gift did you receive on your 13th birthday?

    I honestly can't remember mine, but for Doug and Chesca Kramer, they made sure that their daughter Kendra will remember her 13th birthday. 

    The couple who makes up the Team Kramer said in their vlog that they are a very sentimental family. That's why for their firstborn's milestone birthday, they gave Kendra her very first special watch.

    According to PEP.ph, Kendra received a Rolex Lady Datejust watch from her parents, which costs around Php 489,500.

    In their vlog, Doug gave a short message before giving Kendra their gift.

    "The most important thing is what Mommy and I, and your siblings have shown you, is how quality and quantity of time is so important. So as a symbol of time, this is a little reminder of how precious you are and how precious your time is."

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    Elated, Kendra thanked her dad and her mom. Chesca said, "Ano ba, pumayag ako kasi I'm gonna wear that too, noh!"

    Doug also gave Kendra the promise ring he gave her when she was 7, as a reminder of their love for their daughter.

    "So this is a reminder, Kenny, because you're now a teenager, right? You know that for Mommy and Daddy we can only tell you so much advice and guidance. Sometimes you have to say yes on your own, say no on your own, right?"

    "So I want you to wear it tonight. Remember what the promise ring is? So don't forget how mama and papa treat you, the love we show you, and don't give away your love so easily sweetheart, okay?"

    Scarlet, Kendra's little sister, has a gift for her too. A sister bracelet, which, her mom said, she bought using her own money. "Thank you for being the best sister and my bestfriend," Scarlet said.

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    Doug said, "For Kendra's 13th bday, we made sure that she will value this gift until she grows old. We love you so much Kendra! You deserve the best always!"

    Gift ideas for teens on their milestone birthday

    While we all want to tell our kids the same message that Doug and Chesca's gift gave to Kendra, here are more affordable gift ideas for your teens that can mean the same.

    1. A necklace with a nice pendant from Pandora (P5250)



    If you want to give your teen something precious, it can be a necklace with a pendant that symbolizes something meaningful for them. This piece is a Pavé Heart & Angel Wings Necklace from Pandora, that was inspired by angels as a symbol of love and protection.


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    2. An Instax mini camera from Fujifilm




    Aside from telling your teen to enjoy life, this gift will remind them to capture their precious moments. If they are a fan of the K-pop band BTS, this limited edition version will make their heart flutter.

    3. Own savings account

    If you want to give your teens a precious gift that they can grow, then opening them their own savings account can do the job. Your gift can be the first money deposited on the account too! You can also ask their godparents to pitch in! Check out the banks where you can open a savings account for your child.

    4. A family vacation

    As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else. If they are the type of teen who doesn't like material things, you can surprise them with a family trip to a destination that they like. Here are the most wishlisted Airbnb destinations that you can check out too.


    Expensive or not, it's the message that comes with the gift that matters to them. Sometimes, your presence alone as their parent is the best present they would want to receive. 

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