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  • Twinning with Your Son? It's Possible! Pinay Moms Share How They Create the Looks

    When choosing matching outfits for your son, it doesn't necessarily have to be identical clothes.
    by Din Real Bautista .
Twinning with Your Son? It's Possible! Pinay Moms Share How They Create the Looks
PHOTO BY courtesy of Akira Sullano, Emafe Rice, and Lorna Vinluan
  • Monica and I have been matching outfits since she was five months old. At first, it was just me enjoying dressing up and taking photos, but now that she’s three and old enough to know what’s happening, she enjoys it, too.

    Wearing matching clothes is relatively easier for moms and daughters since it’s not usual that you’ll see a little boy wearing the same clothes as his mother, but it’s so refreshing to see a mom and her son "twinning"  and the boys like it, too. Here are three women who proudly don matching outfits with their sons!

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    Akira Valencia Sullano and three-year-old Matteo

    These matching outfits are custom-made!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Akira Sullano

    Matteo was only four months old when Akira decided they should wear matching outfits for New Year’s Eve. She bought him polo shirts in different colors to match with her tops. She enjoyed it and loved that they are “terno,” but after a few occasions of twinning, she couldn’t keep up anymore because of the limited styles and selections.


    Akira is a self-confessed kikay, so wearing just tops, jeans, or shorts to match her son was difficult. She paused their twinning adventures for a while, but then her love for it never went away. She would always wish to have a daughter so she can do matching outfits until she thought, ‘Why not try it with Matteo again?”

    She searched for online stores that customize clothes for mother and son. Then, aside from made to order clothes, she would also look for the same shirts in kiddie sizes or do color and style coordination – she and Matteo would wear the same shade or same ensemble.

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    Wearing different brands but in the same color and style. Creative!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Akira Sullano

    Since then, she could not stop wearing “matchy” outfits and Matteo is also very supportive of it. The little boy now appreciates and even enjoys wearing twinning clothes with mommy. Akira shared, “I remember one time a parcel was delivered to our home and he was excited to open it only to find out that it was an office dress for me. When I tried it on, my son said, ‘Where’s mine, mommy?’ He started crying when I told him that it’s for me only. He kept on saying ‘I want the same as mommy! I want to be twins with mommy!’”

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    That reaction made Akira realize that this twinning journey has made an impact not only on her but on Matteo as well. It really added to the connection that they already have. She said she will keep doing this for as long as Matteo approves.

    Akira knows that the time will come when Matteo will be independent and would not want to be with her anymore. He will choose friends over bonding with mommy. When that day comes, Akira says, “I will ask him to sit down for a moment [so we can] look back and check our twinning photos and reminisce the memories we created. Then I will tell him, “Look at us anak, we used to do twinning. That’s how much you loved being with me!”

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    Emafe Rice and two-year-old Zac

    Twinning is a Rice family affair!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Emafe Rice

    For Emafe, her love for twinning started back when she and her husband were still dating. She finds it very cute  to wear matching outfits and her husband likes it too so she continued the trend when her son, Zac, turned one year old. They would often go out wearing matchy clothes, whether it's made-to-order online or in the same color. It’s like a family bonding for them and they always take snaps of their #OOTDs to remember how each of the clothes they wear contributes to their memory bank.


    Emafe usually buys online to get matching outfits, but on most days, wearing the same color will do. She is thankful and happy that their couple tradition to "twin" has now been passed on to their little family. She hopes to keep twinning with Zac until he becomes an adult, and so she wishes that she will still be comfortable to do it when the time comes.

    Would you believe these were all bought separately? Emafe definitely has the eye for twinning!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Emafe Rice
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    Lorna Aquino-Vinluan and three-year old Xavi

    Lorna's passion for twinning with her son Xavi led to a profitable business idea.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lorna Vinluan

    Lorna said they  started wearing matching outfits when Xavi turned two. She can’t remember exactly why she did it but one thing’s for sure, she wanted them to go to an event or spend special occasions wearing the same clothes. This fondness for twinning paved the way for her to open-up her online store, @donxavicloset where she sells made-to-order clothes.

    Just like some of the moms we talked to, she will stop wearing matching outfits with Xavi when he no longer feels comfortable with it. For now, she will cherish making clothes and wearing them together.

    The playful fabric is perfect for both mom and son!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lorna Vinluan

    Din Real Bautista is a proud full-time homemaker. Most of the time, she’s busy raising a kind-hearted and strong human being named Monica together with the most amazing husband, Beejay. And the rest of her time, she’s making sure her life is better outside social media.


    Want ideas on how to start wearing twinning outfits with your daughter? Click here for inspiration!

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