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  • 19 Preggy Looks We'll Miss From Isabelle Daza Who Embraced Her Curves

    Take inspiration from Isabelle's effortless maternity fashion!
    by Rachel Perez .
19 Preggy Looks We'll Miss From Isabelle Daza Who Embraced Her Curves
PHOTO BY @isabelledaza/Instagram
  • Maternity fashion can be tricky. In the early months, it's a "you don't look pregnant at all" phase. When you begin to sport a growing belly, you enter the "Are you pregnant or lumaki ka lang ba?" stage. Towards the end, you finally own it in the "I will flaunt my bump because I can" phase. 

    For Isabelle Daza, who just gave birth, preggy fashion didn't feel like there were stages of maternity wear. It was effortless perhaps because she totally embraced her curves. She also wore our favorite accessory each time: Confidence. We can't wait to see what this mom will come up with for her post-baby body. While we can't wait to see what this mom will come up with for her post-baby body, we will miss her maternity looks. Here are 19 of our favorites: 

    Never be afraid of bold prints.

    Just because you're a bit on the heavy side doesn't mean you need to stay off big, bold prints. Isabelle wore a patterned long-sleeved long dress for the welcoming party for friend Anne Curtis' wedding in New Zealand. She also donned big floral prints during her last trimester.


    Go ahead and wear that swimsuit.

    If you're shy, you can always wear coverup made with breathable fabric. 

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    Workout clothes can look sexy on a preggo.  

    Even with a growing belly, she stuck to leggings, shorts, overalls, and sports brassieres to support her body when hiking, jogging and prenatal yoga.

    Preggos can rock shorts and miniskirts. 

    Shorts and skirts are fun during the first trimester when you're not yet comfortable with your tiny yet growing belly. It draws attention to your legs. 

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    Don't always stick to dark colors!

    Preggos like to wear dark hues to appear slim, but this preggo momma had fun with color. Remember the red Boom Sazon dress she wore to a ball? She also wore a long, red spaghetti strap dress and an old rose dress under a bright red coverup to a wedding. These dresses hugged her then more pronounced baby bump.

    Look polished instantly with a jacket or coat.  


    Isabelle loved her blazers. We can count more than three photos on her Instagram that shows her wearing one. A jacket or a coat makes you look put together even if you're wearing a shirt underneath. 

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    Blazers, jackets, coats — Isabelle wore them like a charm all through her nine months of being pregnant. It is handy when you travel a lot as she does. If Isabelle isn't layering, comfy breezy dresses that show off her assets (ahem, baby bump and breasts).

    Isabelle's maternity fashion shows a pregnant woman doesn't need to get a whole new wardrobe to dress comfortably and in style. You need to do you and make room for glorious curves that is your baby bump. 

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