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These 32 Kids Deserve the Best Halloween Costume Trophy!
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  • When it comes to dressing up their kids, moms (and even dads!) have shown that they will do whatever it takes to make their kids stand out. Need a Filipiniana costume? No problem — they can whip one up for Buwan ng Wika. Need a national costume? Easy — there are various options for United Nations Day.

    But when it comes to Halloween, it seems like parents are prepared to pull all the stops. It’s like their creative juices are constantly overflowing for this holiday — from thinking of the theme, creating the costume, and making sure their kids stay in character — it’s definitely a moment not just for the kids, but for the parents as well. 

    We asked parents to send in their children’s costumes for Halloween, and we were not disappointed. Whether they made the outfit from scratch or bought it ready-to-wear, the outfits looked amazing because their kids were having a lot of fun!

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    Here are 32 of our favorite Halloween costumes. They all deserve a trophy!

    Fright night

    We love a truly chilling costume and mom Krystel Hwang's creations gave us quite the scare. And apparently, she does it every year! Last year, her eldest, Charlie, was a zombie bride, but this year, she was finally able to go trick or treatin' with her younger sister, Maya. Can you guess what they are?

    Charlie is a butcher who "beheaded" her sister Maya. The fact that the kids were in character all throughout makes this a win in our books. Krystel shares, "I asked them not to smile! Haha!"
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Krystel Hwang
    Here's a bonus video. The view from the back is really creepy!

    Apparently, nothing says Halloween than a severed limb. Mom Nadine Cua shares she's been making her son Angelo's Halloween costumes for three years now, and he also wins top prize in their village costume contest every time. 

    Last year, Angelo came as a prisoner (complete with a tiny jail cell). Now he's trapped in a haunted bowl!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Nadine Cua
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    Real-life characters

    You don't need to rack your head thinking of characters to portray. Your Halloween costume can be an ordinary person! Just like Summer, who came as a lola! Her mom Alfie and dad Marvin were a tag team in making the costume — dad was in charge of the walker (made from PVC pipes!) while mom made the outfit and wig. 

    Summer loved being lola for a day!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Alfie Saniel
    How about turning Japanese? Mom Richlyn Jimenez reused an outfit she bought for her daughters from Japan. Here's her youngest, Natalie, looking so cute!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Richlyn Jimenez

    Mom CheAnn Bulatao shares that every year, she and her husband Erik would dress up their son Jace as someone everyone will be able to relate to. This year, he's a security guard.

    Jace nailed this inspection!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of CheAnn Bulatao
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    Movie and TV characters

    If parents can't think of an excuse to dress up as their favorite character, their kids will gladly do it for them! Dad Lawrence Obias shares that Game of Thrones is his favorite show. So when Halloween rolled around, his sons Enzo and Rafa just had to be the King's slayer and the King of the North.

    Enzo as Sir Jaime Lannister a.k.a. Kingslayer.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lawrence Obias
    Rafa as Jon Snow.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lawrence Obias

    Even last minute costumes can still look authentic, as what mom Faith Olimar showed with her son Yohan's Super Mario costume. "Salamat sa ever reliable grocery eco bag," she says. "Naitawid namin ng walang gastos."

    Super Yohan is ready to save his princess!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Faith Olimar
    What makes Halloween fun is when cousins gather to strike a pose! Here are Kate, Josh, Yachi, and Chloe Payad.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lady Payad
    Babies are not exempt from the celebrations! Here's Amari as Pebbles from The Flintstones.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Shela Sacro
    Vampirina seems to be a popular choice for this year's parties. Here's Natalie's older sister, Sophia, looking vampy!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Richlyn Jimenez
    Mom Kei Pascual asked her daughter Neela if she wanted to be a princess, but her daughter insisted she wanted to be a witch. She's a pretty cute one, for sure!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kei Pascual

    When you have two (or more) children, you'll definitely be inspired to think of matching costumes! Mom Heizl Briones shares her panganay, Moira, was excited to celebrate Halloween with her little sister, Maia. 

    The two went as Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Heizl Briones
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    Why not make your favorite toys come to life? These costumes are literally out of the box!

    Mom Karen Reyes says her daughter Azelea wanted to come as Frankie Stein from Monster High since last year so she made sure to make her wish come true.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Karen Reyes
    This costume is unique but it's also easy to DIY! Mom Marian Arellano made her son, Kian's Lego costume using a balikbayan box and paper cups.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Marian Arellano

    Mom Ronice Guavis shares her 4-year-old daughter, Safe, chose her Halloween costume for the first time. 

    Mom was in charge of the outfit and dad made the Barbie box. Plus one for family effort!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ronice Guavis
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    With a ton of options when it comes to costumes, you'll also find unconventional choices like outfits inspired by what people like to eat!

    Mom Mickey Alingarog actually made two Halloween outfits for her daughter, Yumi. Here's the first one, where she's selling ice cream, complete with her own truck!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mickey Alingarog
    Meet Schielo So, the Cereal Slayer!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Chie So
    We bet mom Sabrina got inspired by the saying 'milk tea is life' while making her daughter Kyrie's costume!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Sabrina Gregorio
    Of course, kids would want to come as their favorite bee, just like Calyx.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ariane Bermas
    Another kid, Sujeong Lee, was also inspired by this fast food chain, except she wanted to be like the people she sees everyday in the stores.

    "Ma'am, pa-void!"
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Karen Lee
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    Halloween won't be complete without our superheroes, so here's a bunch of them, starting with two DIY creations by a dad. Yes, dads make an effort, too!

    Jojo Legaspi has been making costumes for his son, Bryz, for two years now. And he does it all with lots of love, he says.

    This costume was inspired by dad and son's passion for Gundams. So cool!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jojo Legaspi
    The two also love Marvel movies, so dad whipped up a costume of his favorite Avenger, Captain America.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jojo Legaspi

    Mom Mae Moralde shares that ukay-ukay saved the day for her children's costumes! 

    Jordan (left) and Leira's costumes were from the thrift store while her eldest, Heleana's dress (center) was sewn by a friend.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mae Moralde

    When it comes to superhero costumes, it doesn't matter if it's a DIY creation or if it was bought from the stores — sometimes it's all about the attitude.

    Mom Aya says staying in character was what made her daughter Martina win Best Costume. She definitely nailed Mystique's stance!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Aya Espiritu
    Mom Ahlly's DIY Baby Groot costume for her son Mateo paid off! "Para siyang artista, andaming nagpa-picture!"
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ahlly Cruz
    Mom Vhan shares that her two daughters, Naomi and Arianna, wanted to be the same character for Halloween — Harley Quinn. So mommy made their wish come true!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Vhan Liwanag
    "Ding, ang bato!" is what we wish Keyl shouted instead of "Trick or treat!" How cute is she?
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Avigail Bernardino
    If there's a Darna, then you bet there is also a Captain Barbel!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Sky Gatdula
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    With so much effort put into the costumes, it's only natural that parents would want to take a shot for the 'gram! Nothing wrong with that, of course!

    Mom Fidelis Mendoza shares that this year, they chose costumes inspired by "steampunk," which is both a fashion trend and a science fiction genre. Easy enough, as her girls, Fione and Megan, love playing dress-up!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Fidelis Mendoza
    Halloween is also an excuse to create a twinning look with your kid, as shown by Aila and her daughter Himig.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Aila Serrano
    15 minutes is all you need to create a unique Halloween costume. Yumi as Frida Kahlo — we love this shot!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mickey Alingarog
    What did your child wear for this year's Halloween celebration? Show us in the comments or email us at smartparenting2013@gmail.com.
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