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14 Celebrity Moms Voted Sexiest in FHM Poll (One Is in the Top 10!)
PHOTO BY @mercadojenny, @marianrivera, and @inaraymundo95 on Instagram
  • FHM Philippines magazine has come out with its highly anticipated 100 Sexiest Women, and 14 moms made it to the list with one in the top 10. (Scroll to the bottom if you want to quickly see who got 318,273 votes.) While genes probably have a lot to do with their gorgeous bodies, make no mistake. Many of these moms work hard to get strong and healthy. To us, however, confidence is what makes these moms sexy. Take a look at these fitspiration moms! 

    Aubrey Miles (#93) 

    This mom of two's commitment to fitness and healthy eating is awe-inspiring. We love how strong she is! 

    Beauty Gonzalez (#88) 

    The newlywed doesn't have a hard-core exercise routine, but she does watch what she eats.

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    Sunshine Cruz (#76) 

    This mom regularly breaks a sweat through boxing at the gym.  

    Diana Zubiri (#69) 

    This mom of two credits breastfeeding and trips to the gym for helping her slim down. 

    Andi Eigenmann (#58) 


    This single mom surfs, skateboards, and climbs -- and she lets Ellie join her sometimes. 

    Jodi Sta. Maria (#52) 

    We can get behind Jodi's advice: "Think happy thoughts, exercise, drink lots of water, don't just eat, fuel your body."

    Katrina Halili (#48) 

    "Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy!" Agree! 

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    Cristine Reyes (#48) 

    It helps when you have an exercise buddy. In Cristine's case, it is her husband, Ali. 

    LJ Reyes (#38) 

    This single mom loves eating but makes sure she burns the calories in the gym. 

    Toni Gonzaga (#37) 

    Nursing, going to the gym, plus carrying son Seve are her chosen exercise routines. 

    Sarah Lahbati (#35) 

    This young mom works hard to get the energy to keep up wiith active son Zion.

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    Ina Raymundo (#19) 

    After five kids, this hot momma is a fitspiration. Her choice of exercise is doing to the gym and dance.

    Marian Rivera (#17) 

    This FHM Sexiest Hall of Famer's secret is breastfeeding. Plus, she cooks and eats healthy. 


    Jennylyn Mercado (#6) 

    Former #1  and this year's highest ranking sexy momma in the list loves Pilates. 

    FHM Philippines' July 2017 issue is available on newsstands and in bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide. A digital edition is also available for download on mobile devices through Apple Newsstand, Buqo, and Zinio.

    Additional research by Princess Angolluan

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