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  • In the hopes of acquiring a healthier lifestyle and a fitter body while juggling the busy life of being a parent, moms and dads are looking for a workout routine beyond the ordinary. It is definitely a plus if these workouts help boost their confidence in their bodies and help make them more attractive to their spouse.

    To break away from the conventional exercises and tools available in gyms and fitness centers, more and more alternative workouts are cropping up in the market. We share with you some of the hottest workouts in the metro to bring out a sexier you.


    pole dancing

    1. Pole Dancing

    Gone are the days when pole dancing was merely women’s way of entertaining men in bars, strip clubs or during bachelor parties. Pole fitness, as the workout has become known, targets different muscle groups in the body, making it a very core-intensive sport. 

    The benefits


    “A lot of lifting is involved in all the moves, but it also engages your upper body and thigh strength,” explains Kris Isaac from Polecats Manila. “Mixing this with a choreographed dance gives you a cardiovascular workout as well. You'll notice in a couple of months that you're stronger, tighter and a lot more coordinated in your movements.”

    Isaac recommends moms to join the one-hour sessions at least twice to thrice a week. 

    The mental and emotional benefits, though, according to Isaac, far outweigh the physical ones. “Pole dancing allows you to do things you never thought you could do. With every session you take, you are surprised by just how far you can go and how wonderful your body truly is. This boosts your confidence and it will show in the different aspects in your life. I mean, if you can invert on a pole while 9 feet up in the air, then you can do anything.”


     Because pole dancing didn’t start out as a serious workout, Isaac also points out how people may tend to just dismiss it as stripping for a living, when it fact, it takes much discipline, training and hard work to be good pole dancer. 

    “But that doesn't mean that it isn't fun!” stresses Isaac. “It's definitely something you can get addicted to, even after just one try.”

    Because it’s such an erotic activity to watch as a performance, even husbands are encouraging their wives to try pole dancing because it combines sexiness and strength, says Isaac. “And women are also turning to pole dancing for a workout that isn't boring and is constantly getting more exciting.”

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    Isaac also emphasizes that pole fitness isn’t just for women. In fact, Polecats Manila has been getting more male enrollees. 

    The cost

     “The walk-in rate for a one hour session is P500,” explains Isaac. “But if you want to purchase a class card for 8 classes, it's only P3,000. That brings it down to P375 per class.”


    For more information, visit Polecats Manila’ Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/PolecatsManila.

    Photography by Pong Ignacio

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