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  • A 'Baon-tastic' Guide For Your Little Champs In School

    Make a delicious baon that’s packed with brain-to-body benefits — here’s how!
A 'Baon-tastic' Guide For Your Little Champs In School
  • Kids are not the only ones clearing away cobwebs with the return of in-person classes. Even moms are taking time adjusting as they take one brave step to let go of their kids and allow them to enjoy the freedom of learning in the outside world. As parents get back into the swing of things, one concern remains top of mind: Does your child have the physical strength and mental preparedness for this?

    One way to equip kids and get them ready for the big battle in the real world is through a winning baon. So to help you prep for the ideal school snack, here is a quick guide on how to integrate nutrition and fun into your kids’ lunchboxes!

    Tip 1: Check the label

    The search for the ideal snack is a never-ending quest, but for moms, it starts at the grocery store. To provide kids with a snack that is nutritious, read the ingredients list on the packaging first. Check the label for vitamins and nutrients. Does the product encompass brain-to-body benefits that will help keep your kids active and energized throughout the day?

    Tip 2: Go, Grow, and Glow foods are key

    It’s a good idea to ensure that the baon you’re preparing has nutrients from each food group. Remember, a winning baon should be a mix of Go, Grow, and Glow foods. A complete and diverse set of nutrients from each food group is the key to supporting kids’ performance in school

    Tip 3: Make it cute and creative

    Even the pickiest of eaters cannot resist a snack that tastes just as good as it looks. Keep your kids motivated to finish their food by arranging them like their favorite animals or cartoon characters! It’s a clever way to encourage kids to eat more fruits and veggies.

    Tip 4: Awaken their inner chef

    Asking your kid about what they like for snacks is a given, but involving them in food preparation is a big plus. As parents, you have to encourage kids to start good habits at an early age. Letting them decide on what should be part of their baon and assisting them in making it, empowers kids to stick to healthier choices as they grow up. There’s something about being part of the process that can make children much more interested in trying something new.

    Tip 5: Complete their baon with brain-to-body benefits

    The choice of baon depends on two things: nutrient content and likeability. As parents, your perspective is that kids’ snacks should help in maintaining mental preparedness and physical health in school. But for kids, some just want to satisfy their chocolate cravings.

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