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  • 3 Cool Parenting Gadgets We Need In Our Lives Right Now

    Whether you have a baby or a preschooler, you will be saying "I need!" when you see what these gadgets can do.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .

  • There’s no shame in asking for a little parenting help every now and then. And when that help comes in the form of these nifty gadgets, we’re not complaining. Check out these three parenting tech we want in our lives right now. 

    1 Suzy Snooze

    Created by parenting technology company Bleep Bleeps, Suzy Snooze is a wonderful little bedtime gadget that’s a baby monitor, lullaby nightlight, and sleep trainer all in one. And it is designed like a...sleepy friend in a really tall hat (read below why it's a feature that will make any kid get excited about waking up in the morning). 

    Push down her hat and her sleep sequence starts. She turns on soothing sounds and colored lights to help your child fall asleep. Then, she becomes a soothing nightlight throughout the night. When morning comes, Suzy’s hat pop ups on your scheduled time telling your child it’s time to get up. Connect Suzy to the BleepBleeps app and she becomes an audio baby monitor, allowing you to listen in live to your little one. Cool, huh?

    And with 203 backers, Suzy Snooze has already reached its $50,000 goal on Kickstarter! Be ready with your wallets when this one hits the stores, moms and dads.

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    2 Octopus

    Time can be a tricky concept for kids, especially for little ones. Octopus is a watch specially designed for kids who have yet to learn that 8 a.m. means breakfast. The watch face shows a digital clock and a large icon showing what task is coupled with the time shown. It’s basically a scheduler that helps your child follow his routine all on his own. 

    Parents schedule the activities for the day using an app on their smartphone. A mom or dad can choose from over 600 icons that tell a child it’s time to wake up, sleep, play, eat or do homework.  The watch alerts the child of a scheduled task by lighting up and vibrating. Once a task is done, a simple push of a button on the watch will send a notification to the parent’s phone. Sure beats having to remind your kid about bath time over and over again, right?

    And, we're not alone in wishing for the Octopus. So many parents are clamoring for it that it went way above and beyond its goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter and has reached $295,000 as of writing. (The clamor we think are mostly from moms who want the watch for the hubbies as well.)

    3 MonBaby

    This wearable baby monitor started as a project on Kickstarter and is now a full-fledged product. Other similar wearable monitors have come up after it (like the BabyBit currently on Indiegogo), but we still wish this one was more readily available in the Philippines. 

    The MonBaby clips on to baby’s clothing and, via an app, can send baby’s sleep position, breathing rate and movement level. The risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) increases when a baby is sleeping on her stomach, so the MonBaby helps keep parents at ease by sending alerts when the baby has flipped over or if her breathing rate has increased. Coupled with Suzy Snooze’s audio monitor, a parent can rest at ease. But of course, there will still the actual getting up to check on the baby because we know how paranoid we parents can get. 

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