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  • Take a Break, Moms! 8 Ways to Sneak In Me-time After Christmas

    Remember, you need to take care of yourself first before you could nurture others.
    by Lou Velle Mariano .
Take a Break, Moms! 8 Ways to Sneak In Me-time After Christmas
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  • Everyone deserves a break from the daily demands of living, and moms are no exception! As a mom, you may find yourself dividing your time every day between tasks on your to-do-list and fulfilling your role as a wife. Indeed, being a mom is considered as one of the most rewarding yet the toughest job in the world, so don't feel guilty about finding time for yourself, too. The few days between Christmas and the new year are the perfect time to do this. Go and take your time off!

    1. Catch up on your reading.
    If you are a mom with a deep love for reading, take time to read even it’s just a few minutes each day. Find a good book to immerse yourself in. You can also download eBook reader applications and audio books online. Read and listen to them while you are in bed or in the car. Try: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens, available at leading bookstores nationwide


    2. Phone a friend.
    Do you miss catching up with your close friends? Pick one day in the week, schedule it, and make a phone call before you go to bed or when your kids are napping in the afternoon. There’s a pretty special feeling when you talk to them on the phone rather than just messaging them through Facebook or email.

    3. Take a long and slow shower.
    The few minutes that you spend in the shower is probably the most “me-time” you ever get every day. On a slow day during the break (when there's someone who can look after your child for a longer period), take it nice and slow. Rather than just shampoo, actually use a conditioner (and a hair masque) on your hair. Use that moisturizing body scrub instead of just soap. Follow that 10-step Korean facial routine after your bath. Spoil yourself. Try: Kerastase Resistance Hair Mask, available at leading department stores, and Collagen by Watsons Facial Mask and CC Cream, available at Watsons

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    4. Get a mani-pedi at home.
    Can't go out for some pampering? Call for home service. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi and a foot scrub and you'll instantly feel prettier.  

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    5. Get a massage.
    A relaxing and comforting massage is the perfect gift for yourself. With all the hard work you did in the year (and even during the holidays), 30 minutes to an hour to yourself is well-deserved, don't you think? 

    6. Treat yourself to your favorite meal.

    Holiday naman! Go ahead and get your fill of steak, or lechon, or that gooey, sinful dessert you've been refusing all year. Let go, just this once. Try: Manila Marriott Hotel's Smoked Bone-in Ham package with sides and pies. Call 988-9999 to place your orders.

    7. Start a low-key hobby.
    Get busy with your hands and start a new hobby. It can either be gardening, planting, photography, or scrapbooking—there’s a bunch of fun and crafty things to do! you can look for them on the internet and learn easily by watching video tutorials on YouTube.


    8. Go on a date.
    Do not be afraid to ask for help from family members and friends every once in a while. Accept the offer of the eager lolos and lolas to babysit your kids and go on a date with your husband. Make it up to him and set a romantic date with just the two of you.

    This holiday season, don't let guilt take over—take a break, mom! After all, a happy and well-cared-for mom is able to take care of her family better.

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