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  • Lauat: The Natural Remedy to Falling Hair

    Filipino doctor develops all-natural hair and scalp care line from local plant extracts to combat falling hair.
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  • Lauat

    Just because your hair is soft and shiny doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. The artificial sheen and silkiness of its strands could be hiding dandruff, brittleness, and tiny bald patches brought on by the chemicals that you use everyday.

    “Our hair is perhaps the most abused part of our bodies. We put chemicals on our hair everyday, shampoos, dyes… It’s no surprise that men and women are suffering from falling hair,” says Dr. Rainier Villanueva, a Filipino neurosurgeon who developed the all-natural hair and scalp care line, Lauat. It comes from a combination of three indigenous plant extracts: Lawat (Litsea glutinosa), Gugo (Entada phaseoloides), and Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO (Cocos nuciferas). Sold in the market for 23 years, Lauat has reached the US, Germany, Italy and the Middle East.

    Body’s natural systems
    According to Dr. Villanueva, the use of harsh products robs the hair of its natural oils and strips each strand of its protective layers. It causes hair to thin out, fray, become brittle and fall off. “You cannot rely on chemicals to soften your hair or control hair fall because your body, your scalp has a natural moisturizing and nourishment system in place. You just need to stimulate it. The reason why we have hair problems like dandruff and thinning hair is because the chemical build-up has become too much and the natural system just shuts down.”

    All-natural, All-Filipino ingredients
    Gugo, one of the key ingredients of the Lauat line, aids this system by increasing the micro-circulation in the scalp. This helps bring in oxygen and nutrients, which are essential in hair fall control and regrowth. Lawat’s extract, on the other hand, contains essential fatty acids, which the body needs but does not produce naturally. It acts like food for the scalp that helps revitalize hair from the roots - hair follicles, sebaceous glands - to the tips. Unlike artificial conditioners that are greasy on the hair, VCO extracts are easily absorbed. Thus, it helps carry the two active ingredients lawat and gugo to the hair follicles, resulting in nourished and moisturized scalp and hair.

    Lauat’s formulation has been proven in clinical trials to be effective in hair fall control. Results of the trials done by Dr. Marielle Favorito, a dermatologist and member of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS), showed around 40 to 50 percent improvement within one week of use and about 89 percent within four weeks of use. The clinical results are, of course, on top of the hundreds of testimonials that Lauat gets from satisfied clients all over the world.

    “Not all herbal-based and natural products are effective. Formulation of these products is similar to making medicines. Having all the active ingredients is not enough. You need to achieve an exact proportion of each active ingredient that will give the desired results. It is this synergistic effect that makes Lauat so effective. And unlike other manufacturers, we have clinical trials to prove our claim,” ends Dr. Villanueva.

    The Lauat hair and scalp care line includes Lauat Hair Treatment Shampoo, Lauat Anti-dandruff Cream, and Lauat Leave-on Conditioner.

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