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  • Make Some "Mom-Me" Time

    Get a slice of life that’s just for you by remembering just three things.

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    If you’re like most moms with young children, your days are probably dictated by your child’s routine and schedule.  Add in your household chores, errands and—for working moms—jobs, then your days are most likely so filled to the brim that one day just flows into another in a blur.  While moms are adept at making sure that each aspect of their lives gets a share of the pie, there is one piece that often gets overlooked and set aside.  As children, marital relationship, career, running the household, and other projects jostle for a bigger piece, the slice that moms save for themselves ultimately gets smaller.   Over time, this strategy will eventually take its toll and moms will begin to feel exhausted, maybe a little depressed and even a bit resentful. 

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    It doesn’t have to be that way.  Moms can still get a piece back for themselves even if it has to be one small bite at a time.  To pull it off, we usually have to remember these three things:

    1.  Make time for it.  It can be just 15 minutes a day, or one night a month, but it’s important to set down that block of time for yourself on paper. Give it as much importance as, say, your dental appointment. That way, you won’t feel compelled to keep bumping it off for a quick grocery run or to organize your dresser.

    2. Get an accomplice or a back-up if you have to.  Enlist the help of your husband to take the kids to the mall or the park.  Accept the eager lolos and lolas’ offer to babysit. Drop off your child at a friend’s place for a play date and offer to return the favor next time (chances are, your friend is just as stressed out as you).  What’s important is to minimize all possible distractions. TVs, cellphones, and your laptop can be turned off but kids naturally, do not have a power button.
    3. Leave guilt at the door. This is the downfall of even the simplest plans of moms to enjoy some time off.  Yes, there is always something that you can do instead of enjoying your time for yourself.  However, this time is FOR YOU and you should give yourself the importance and attention that you deserve.  Most of the time, the things that we think we would rather be doing can wait.  So go ahead, make the most of your time and enjoy yourself. 



    Photography by Jun Pinzon


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