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  • Cover_Picture_CI.jpg Overwhelmed by mommy duties and running your to-do list for the nth time in your head? Stop right there! Relax. Take a break from being Wonder Mom and let a calm mind and spirit work wonders for you.

    Dagny Aya-ay Martin, 34, once heard meditation described as “sitting still, doing nothing.”  With her full day's schedule running her household, taking care of the kids, and managing her aromatherapy line, a few minutes of stillness was something she thought she could use and do. “I sit still, do nothing and quiet the busy mind, keeping my attention anchored in the present moment and not reacting to memories of the past or thinking of plans for the future,” she says.

    Rather than spend “me time” in a salon or spa (though she enjoys the treat every now and then), Dagny opts to go on a date “with someone I know and love and where silence (no blow-dryer buzzing or hairdresser chattering) speaks volumes.”  She goes on to describe this essential rendezvous, “Meditation time is just me and me. I sit and get in touch with my inner light and somehow that helps get me through the day.”

    A few minutes away from your daily grind can be all it takes. According to Emma “Jae” Flores Arcilla of Sahaja Yoga International, “Even a five-minute meditation can free a mom from physical, mental and emotional stress. It keeps her in a state of balance. She will emerge not just an ordinary woman but a mother who is caring, loving, compassionate and forgiving.”

    Arcilla says it may be a little difficult at first, but constant practice will benefit moms. The key is “focusing on the present and remaining in thoughtless awareness.”

    A few tips from Dagny's meditation routine:
    - Sit in a quiet place, in a comfortable but controlled posture—cross-legged, head pulled up. The idea is to be relaxed but alert.
    - Be conscious of each breath. Think of it as energy from the earth filling your entire body.
    - There will be distractions. Just lead your mind back.
    - Moments of great calm will be more frequent over time.

    - Dagny Aya-ay Martin, mom to 7-year old Vito and 1-year old Luisa, mompreneur, Aroomatherapy & Fresca
    - Emma “Jae” Flores Arcilla, assistant facilitator, Sahaja Yoga International, Quezon City

    Photography by Patrick Martires

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