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  • Nurturing Mommy

    Mom takes care of everyone but who takes care of Mom?

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    We asked stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, breastfeeding moms and working moms about their schedules and we found that their days can be dizzying. They flit from feeding their kids to bathing, dressing and playing with them, to driving the older ones to school and helping them out with homework. Then they top all that off with other chores like running the household, making a living and caring for Daddy’s needs. You can very well have a woman on the verge of insanity!


    Unless you’re hoping to be The Justice League’s newest addition as SuperMom, delegation, having trusted help and making “guilt-free” time for yourself are important if you want to stay healthy and raise a healthy family as well. 

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    Have Trusted Help And Delegate
    Kelly, a stay-at-home mom with three kids, says, “I have a friend who’s so harassed because she doesn’t want help to prepare any of her kids’ stuff. That’s okay if you really want to make that your career but that will just drive you crazy! I’m lucky to have house help I trust and can entrust my children to.”

    Ronna, a dentist and an audiologist, is a mother of four. Like Kelly she delegates preparing meals and getting the kids ready for school to her yayas. “One thing that I do consistently is to bless them one by one before they leave for school and again before they go to sleep,” she says about her habit of praying over her children, adding, “This one cannot be delegated.”



    Have Your Own Life
    Lallaine, mother to baby Yohan and toddler Helene, shares that in the beginning she felt guilty when she would leave them. “There even was a time that I got burned out already because I felt I didn’t have a life anymore,” she confessed.

    Later she realized that you become a better mom because of times away from home. “You can never give if your tank is empty,” she explains.

    Ronna agrees. “If we moms don’t make time for ourselves, time will come when you have nothing more to give and you feel so used up and withered.”


    Pamper, Nourish And Enjoy Yourself
    Iza, a work-from-home mom with two girls and two boys, says, “I always feel good about myself when my younger daughter pays me a compliment like, ‘Ganda ka, Mama’ or, ‘Your dress is nice.’ Moms should take time to pamper and beautify themselves. When I feel good about myself, I feel good about almost everything around me.”


    Lallaine has since added a weekly movie and dinner date with her husband, occasional shopping time with her mom and sister, foot spas and two prayer meetings on weekends into her regular schedule. Of the latter, she says, “Spiritual nourishment is important to keep a mother sane.”

    Nurturing yourself is not as easy as it sounds. However, if you don’t learn to trust others to help you, have your own “guilt-free” me-time and pamper yourself, you will be headed for Mommy-burn-out.


    Photography by Ocs Alvarez


    How do you nurture yourself as mommy? We'd love to know. Fill up the comment form below.

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