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  • Power up: 8 Tips to Staying Energized

    Sustain your energy throughout the day with these tips!
    by Jamie Ilao .
  • exhausted momEveryday tasks at the workplace and in the home demand energy from any individual, moreso from moms. When 24 hours just aren’t enough, or when to-do lists get longer by the hour, the body needs as much energy as it can get.

    Michiko Sangalang-Aseron, an Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines' College of Human Kinetics, states how very important it is to have energy to perform daily tasks efficiently. “Lack of energy pulls the person’s body down, thus, the tasks they are expected to do suffer,” she says.

    Aseron shares how fatigue and the body’s cry for rest and nutrients significantly causes a person’s energy to dwindle away. She shares a few tips in which moms or dads can stay energized the whole day:

    1. Eat a balanced diet.
    “Always include greens, fibers and protein to complete your day,” shares Aseron. She stresses that the body’s main source of energy are the macronutrients – carbohydrate, fats and protein – which are found in the food we eat. Getting the nutrients the body needs on a daily basis not only helps in keeping us energized, it also keeps the body healthy in the long run.

    2. Balance your food intake with energy you expend.
    Aseron encourages everyone to make it a habit to check the nutrition facts and labels of the food they eat to make sure the body gets its daily caloric needs. “There are a lot of resources online to calculate your energy expenditure,” she says. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, balancing the number of calories you consume with the number of calories your body uses or burns off is not only crucial in weight management, but also in determining where one’s energy goes. “Lower caloric intake means you are not getting what is right for you, and higher caloric intake will then convert your ‘extra energy’ into unessential body fat,” Aseron stresses.

    3. Engage in daily physical activity.
    “Most of the time, lack of movement or inactivity results to low energy and a feeling of tiredness or heaviness,” she shares. According to Asst. Prof. Aseron, an ordinary person is required to engage in physical activity for 30 minutes each day – which can be divided into three 10-minute sessions spread throughout the day, or two 15-minute sessions in the morning and evening -- just to maintain one’s current level of fitness. She recommends simple activities such as walking, climbing the stairs (instead of riding the elevator), and other exercises that can be integrated in one’s daily living.

    Of course, the higher the intensity or duration of the exercise, the more benefits one reaps. “Aside from efficient blood flow, exercise supplies the muscles and all body parts with nutrients to help them work properly. Also, as a person engages in physical activity, the body releases endorphins which give a ‘natural high’.”

    4. Get enough sleep.
    Asst. Prof. Aseron recommends at least 6-7 hours of sleep to keep the body energized for the next day.  “Too much sleep leads to exhaustion and not enough sleep tends to make a person feel fatigued,” she stresses. “There are also studies that say that the room should be pitch-dark while sleeping to help the body regenerate and feel more relaxed.”

    5. Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE!
    Aseron couldn’t stress enough the importance of drinking water all the time. Aside from regulating body temperature, water also helps rejuvenate tired muscles. It also helps transport nutrients to different body parts to get through the day.

    6. Be mentally healthy.
    “’Drive’ is often said to be a state of mind, a decision to stay energized,” Aseron shares.  She stresses that being happy, friendly and emotionally stable gives energy to life.  Keeping a positive disposition and grace in facing everyday challenges allows a person to enjoy life.  

    7. Pray.
    “Prayer feeds the soul and nourishes the heart. It gives energy to every aspect of a person’s well being,” shares Asst. Professor Aseron.  A simple prayer of praise, thanksgiving or healing anytime during the day does wonders and refreshes like no other.

    Energy is needed to get through each and every day. While a change of lifestyle may be needed for some, as these guidelines point out, the rewards for healthy living definitely promise energy not only to your every day, but also to the rest of your years.

    Image from nomommysperfect.com

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