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  • Check Yourself: Tests you should Take to be a Healthy Mom!

    Take some time off your busy schedule to care for the most important person in your family’s life—you!
    by Ceia Ylagan .
  • woman waistlineYou prepare balanced meals for your family, spend quality time with each of your kids, make sure you and your hubby have some downtime together, and you nurture your family’s spiritual life by going to church. You sure value your family’s well-being—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  But do you value your own as well?

    Karla Gae Torio, M.D., family medicine practitioner at DLS-STI Megaclinic in Mandaluyong, says moms should be just as cared for as their families. “Mothers have to be healthy, too. How will you be able to take care of your family if you are sick or have an underlying illness?” she asks.

    “Going to the doctor every year is the best and most selfless thing a mom can do for her family,” says April Rica Atienza, ESL tutor and stay-at-home mom of three. “[Our] families depend on us the most, so it’s best to know early on if there are sicknesses.”

     Knowledge is power
    Because knowing is half the battle, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor the following questions when undergoing some procedures.  
    •    Am I at a healthy weight? What must I do to achieve my ideal weight?
    •    What do these values or findings mean to my health?
    •    What lifestyle changes can I make in order to improve my health?
    •    What diseases might I be in danger of if my results are not within the normal range?
    •    If my results are within the normal range, what else can I do to ensure that my health is maintained?
    •    If my results are not within the normal range, what treatments or procedures must I undergo to improve my health?
    •    Should I have this procedure done again? How soon after?

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