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What Parents Need To Know First Before Giving Their Toddlers Vitamins To Boost Appetite
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  • By the age of two, children should be eating three healthy meals a day with one or two snacks in between, according to experts. But when that doesn’t happen, parents, especially moms, start to wonder and worry if it’s time to give vitamins for toddlers to boost appetite.

    Not too fast, says the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). You have to remember that it’s quite common for toddlers to resist eating certain food or insist on eating only what they want. So it's no use putting up a struggle with your child each and every mealtime. Your attempt will just be met with defiance and make you even more frustrated. But don't opt for the easy way out either.

    Common reasons for your toddler's loss of appetite

    What you should do first before giving vitamins for toddlers to boost appetite is find out why your child is not eating. From there, experts point out, you can take the necessary steps to help perk up his or her appetite, and make mealtimes more pleasurable for both of you.


    You have to know how your toddler is feeling because illness is a primary cause of loss of appetite. Check for sore throat, rash, fever, or any other symptom that he or she is unwell. If yes and it persists, maybe it’s time to consult a doctor.

    In-between meals

    Another reason why your toddler has no interest in touching his or her food at proper mealtimes is because he or she is already full. Investigate where and how your child get the in-between meals. Maybe you can advise other members of your household or even guests from feeding your child just before mealtimes.


    Juice intake

    Your toddler may not be eating in-between meals, but he or she is drinking fruit juices or flavored drinks that are also loaded with sugar. This practice makes him or her constantly full that when mealtimes come, he or she no longer has the appetite or interest to eat. (Read one mom's strategy here.)

    Exerting less energy than usual

    If your toddler has been less active or inactive lately, maybe that's the reason why his or her energy level doesn't change much. Subsequently, he or she doesn't get hungry or feels still full. This means he or she is not getting enough exercise. (Get tips here.)

    What experts say about vitamins for toddlers to boost appetite

    The AAP states that vitamin supplements are "rarely necessary for toddlers who eat a varied diet." But supplemental iron may be needed if your child does not or cannot eat much meat, iron-fortified cereals, or vegetables rich in iron. He or she may also be drinking lots of milk, say more than 960 mL a day, that's why his or her body has difficulty absorpting whatever iron he or she gets from whole foods.

    Experts from Mayo Clinic also agree that "multivitamins aren't necessary for most healthy children who are growing normally." They point out that foods are still the best source of nutrients. Kids, they say, can get these nutrients from regular meals and snacks.

    They recommend consulting your child's doctor if you're concerned that your child is not getting the recommended level of vitamins and minerals. The doctor is in the right position to say whether or not your child needs to take multivitamins.

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    What you can do is help encourage your child to eat by offering different types of food that might interest him or her. Then let him or her choose what he or she likes, and then, eventually, you can lead him or her to having a balanced diet.

    Bear in mind, too, that toddlers like to feed themselves, so whenever possible, it's best to give him or her finger foods instead of cooked ones that will require him or her to use a spoon or fork to eat. That's why you may put off, maybe just for now, giving vitamins for toddlers to boost appetite.

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