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  • McDonald's Will Make You Nostalgic With These Limited Edition Happy Meal Toys

    You only have four days to collect them all!
    by Kitty Elicay .
McDonald's Will Make You Nostalgic With These Limited Edition Happy Meal Toys
PHOTO BY courtesy of McDonalds Philippines
  • Moms and dads, do you remember collecting Happy Meal toys when you were a kid? Well, now you can share the love with your own children as the fast food chain is bringing back 14 of the most well-loved Happy Meal toys from the past four decades — and for a limited time only!

    14 Happy Meal toys from your childhood

    Starting Thursday, November 21 to Sunday, November 24, you can get your hands on a “Surprise Happy Meal,” from participating branches. Build up the excitement and be surprised each time — you never know what you’re going to get as each toy is packed in a blind bag!

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    Here are the iconic toys up for grabs:

    McNugget Buddies: Cowboy, Mail Carrier, and Fireman

    These T.V. commercial buddies launched in 1988 and come with interchangeable accessories. Mix and match their outfits and create new looks!

    McDonald’s Hamburger and Dino Happy Meal Box Changeables

    These were the fast food chain’s take on the popular transforming toys in 189 and 1991.

    Mcdonaldland Toys Grimace

    Did you know Grimace originally had four arms in 1979, with each hand carrying a different McDonald’s shake? In 1990, he went down to two arms, but he still retained his loveable purple hue!

    McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird

    First introduced in 1991, these cars were scale models of popular cars so they became instant collectibles! For the Surprise Happy Meal, you get the Thunderbird, which became a hit in 1993.

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    McDonaldland Toys Hamburglar

    First introduced in 1979 as a fun eraser, this 90’s version (1995 to be exact) is a figurine of the masked icon!

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    Space Jam Bugs Bunny

    Do you remember the movie with the all-star Looney Tunes lineup? Well, Bugs Bunny makes a slam dunk in this toy!

    Patti the Platypus

    She’s one of the “Teenie Beanie Babies,” an all-time best-selling Happy Meal toy. According to McDonald’s, it’s still one of the most sought-after items by toy collectors, so try and get a hold of this one for yourself!

    My Little Pony

    The ponies’ popularity has endured the test of time, so this iconic toy that debuted in 1998 is still a hot property!

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    Would you believe this toy came with a Happy Meal? Now you can take care of a digital pet again!


    Known as the first electronic toy in the Happy Meal, Furby is still beloved today as in 1999!

    Hello Kitty

    The iconic cat made her debut in Happy Meal in 2000, and 40 years later, Hello Kitty still appears as a toy from time to time!


    The Surprise Happy Meal toys are part of Happy Meal’s 40th global anniversary. Happy Meals start at Php115, depending on the food you order — Chicken McDo, a Cheesy Burger McDo, or an Eggdesal. Remember, you only have four days to collect them all!

    Want to see more toys from your childhood? Click here for classic Filipino toys you can buy for you and your kids!

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