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  • Ryan Agoncillo’s Black And White Photos Bring So Much 2021 Pinoy Family Feels

    He's been posting really good shots on IG, and it makes us wax nostalgic about priceless family moments in 2021.
    by Iza Cuyos .
Ryan Agoncillo’s Black And White Photos Bring So Much 2021 Pinoy Family Feels
  • Ryan Agoncillo has recently been posting black and white photos of his family on Instagram, and we can’t help but notice! Aside from having a good eye in capturing emotions in still photographs, the actor and TV host has made every parent wax nostalgic about all the priceless family moments in 2021—both good and bad.

    It’s been challenging for the Filipino family to soldier through another pandemic year, but the year also brought lots of love, laughter and compassion we never knew we’re capable of. Below, we list down the most nostalgic black and white snaps we saw on Ryan’s feed and broke down what we think it evokes in every Pinoy parent's heart.

    8 Times Ryan Agoncillo’s Photos Capture Priceless Pinoy Family Moments

    1. When we get excited spending holidays with the extended family

    There’s so much story behind every imperfect shot in a Christmas family portrait! It shows the joy of togetherness throughout the years, in as much as the struggle of dealing with toxic or insensitive comments from relatives. We still love our lolo, lola, tito, tita, and pinsan, regardless.


    2. When we're reminded that panganays will always hold a special place in every parent’s heart

    In a Pinoy family, it is typical for the eldest to bear both unique responsibilities and regard in the eyes of their parents that the other siblings just don’t get to share. Here, Ryan Agoncillo captures the special bond he and Judy Ann share with their eldest daughter, Yohan, who turned 17 this year. Doesn’t it make you think of your family’s own panganay?

    3. When the bungisngis one’s laughter made us smile

    Bungisngis’ or giggly has become a term of endearment for the member of the family who easily laughs, even at the corniest jokes. We all need a bungisngis in the family, especially when dad’s jokes need a bit of work. Who’s the bungisngis in your family?

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    4. When dad displayed that special bond with his daughter

    It’s not that dads play favorites—there is a scientific reason why dads just can’t say no to their little girls. According to a study, a father’s brain could be wired to be more attentive and responsive to his daughter’s needs than that of his son. Not to say that Pinoy dads have less regard for their sons—it’s just that dads have a different kind of relationship with their daughters as compared with their sons. We believe, however, that not one relationship is better than the other.

    5. When we last felt the warmth of Christmas and Sunday morning 

    There’s something about waking up to your mom’s cooking, or seeing your child walk to you half-asleep, asking ‘What’s for breakfast?’ that makes us feel at home. Food has always been one of the best expressions of love inside a Filipino home, and it’s one of the few physical things we strongly associate to memories with loved ones. Sundays and Holidays, on the other hand, mean unhurried family time. It's relaxing to know that you can pause and enjoy the moment, without rushing to meet deadlines or getting the kids prepared for school.


    6. When we can't help but miss that sibling we used to always fight with

    Rivalry among siblings are normal, and it sometimes end up as stories we use for a good laugh during family reunions when we’re all grown up. They also say siblings are God’s way of practicing love for our neighbors—because we’re stuck with them, whether we like it or love it. Save this 10 commandments for dealing with sibling rivalry, just in case it you need it.


    7. When family made us  laugh our stress off

    The pandemic has really taken a toll on everyone’s spirits, and one of the things that has kept us afloat aside from the Filipino’s indomitable faith is our ability to laugh our stress off. This series of photos shows the whole gamut of human emotions Pinoys feel just by browsing through our daily social feeds. Thanks to Queen Juday for acting it all out for us in just a few snaps. Wondering how you can raise resilient kids? Here are the ways.


    8. When parents did that PDA like leads in a romcom

    This photo deserved its own article, which we published here. Filipinos love like heroes in Korean dramas, and likewise, we gush over reel and real-life love teams. The Philippines actually once ranked 2nd in Asia when it comes to happy, loving relationships. That being said, PDAs like this sweeten a marriage and help it last longer. According to an expert, it is healthy when couples show affection in front of their kids. Feel free to 'lambing' your partner after reading this.

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