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  • Baby Food Processor: How to Pick the Right Kitchen Magician!

    A baby food processor is a powerful gadget that will save you time and a lot of effort.
    by Caren Bayhon-Yrastorza .
Baby Food Processor: How to Pick the Right Kitchen Magician!
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  • You waited with almost bated breath when your baby turned six months old as he reached another milestone — he is now ready to start eating solid food. You've been exploring the best types of food necessary for your growing baby in preparation for this moment. And you realized that the most common baby food are those that have been mashed or pureèd. In short, it looked like you might need a baby food processor.

    Making your own baby food gives you the peace of mind that everything in her food is safe to eat! Mashed or pureèd is the typical preparation because it is easy to chew and swallow. You can do it without a machine, of course. Many moms use a juicer and mortar and pestle for their homemde food. It is also more affordable. But it can sap a lot of energy to get that smooth and velvety texture especially if you are making a big batch of baby food.

    On the other hand, a baby food processor will save you a lot of time and effort in preparing your baby’s food because of its capability to process your food in seconds — it's a powerful gadget!

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    How to choose a processor for your baby food recipes

    Frankly, I do not see a big difference between a baby food processor and a regular one (like a blender). For practicality sake, buy a food processor that can cater to all the food processing needs of the family and not just for your baby.  The only advantage the baby food maker I see is it has add-ons like a built-in steamer plus extra storage areas around the machine. Other than those I mentioned, a regular food processor functions just as good, if not better.

    If you are the type who has all the time, energy and patience to make your baby’s food as needed and not by big batches for freezing later on, then the type of food processor for you should be a small one. However, if you are the type who would rather make baby food one time big time with the intention of freezing your baby food for several days, then buying a big food processor would be ideal for you. According to Consumer Reports, a capacity of seven cups or so is fine for most tasks.

    You don’t want to just have one type of food preparation method for your baby. If you choose to purée practically all her food, she won’t learn to appreciate different textures and complexions of the other baby food that she might like. Choose a food processor with different features apart from pureéing like chop, mince, grind, slice, and shred. There are some that can even knead dough!

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    Remember, you will be using this gadget for several times in a day (granting you make fresh baby food as needed). Opt for a food processor that can withstand the rigors of baby food preparation. The one that does not easily overheat and gets overworked should be the best.

    As you use your processor, it has the tendency to move a lot due to the vigorous activity happening inside the main container. To avoid this, your processor should have a heavy chassis to keep it fixed in just one place. 

    Pick one with extra attachments that may sound unessential at first but can be lifesavers. I like now processors that have a touchpad control that you can put right on top of the buttons to avoid messing it up or getting your dirty hands over it. Processors usually come with several discs for chopping, mincing, and shredding. As mentioned, these methods of food preparation promote variety in the texture of your baby’s food. But remember, it may be a baby food processor now, but these functions will be useful in other recipes.

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    Ideally, you should buy a brand that is generous and thorough in guiding you in using your food processors. A DVD is a great way to see visually how the processor is used. The guidebook serves as the bible that would show you everything you need to know about your processor. Finally, free recipes in the manual should jumpstart your adventure with your food processor. It usually contains proven and kitchen-tested recipes that you might want to try.

    Brands like Cuisinart, Kitchen Aide, and Vikings are some of the premium brands you may want to check out. Their machines will provide you a reason why they're worth the big bucks. The reliability of their machines, the ease to use them, and the multi-features they offer make food processing a breeze for the feeding mamas. 

    At the end of the day, you will realize that your food processor, since you will be using it a LOT in making your baby’s food, will be your best partner in nourishing your baby’s growth. It’s definitely going to be a partnership between you and that machine. So, take time out to carefully study the kind of food processor that you will get to make your baby food. Good luck, mommies!

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    Caren Bayhon-Yrastorza, who developed, prepared, and styled the recipes, is a former news anchor at ABS-CBN News Channel and a food writer/stylist/blogger. She delights in whipping up delicious dishes with matching food styling at home and sharing the recipes upon request. You may follow her kitchen adventures at #KitchenOfCarenYrastorza on Instagram.

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