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  • Picky Eating Among Filipino Children: Facts and Tips for Moms

    We share important news and facts about the state of picky eating around the world and alternatives parents can opt for to help supplement their 4 to 7-year-old’s nutrition.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • mother and childIt’s the same old story: Mommy prepares veggies; the child says no. Mommy chases, cajoles, and pleads; the child cries, and finally mommy relents and prepares… hotdogs.  

    It’s a struggle that’s repeated across Filipino households nationwide; in fact, it may even be happening right now in your own home. And the results so far? Well, ‘french fries’ have overtaken carrots and malunggay as the top vegetable for children. (Time Magazine, ‘Rethinking First Foods, published July 11, 2006)

    Children worldwide are increasingly turning into picky eaters. Picky eating is a behavior that can be ended by better equipping and educating parents and guardians on the issue, and supporting them with quality milk supplements such as Aqiva. In fact, a 2009 TNS Global Market Research survey reveals that 53% of Filipino mothers consider their children as picky eaters. And, heads up, there’s so much more to picky eating than just craving hotdogs or fried chicken—it’s a battle that may determine your child’s nutritional future.

    The term “picky eater” is one of the most frequently used terms by health professionals in characterizing the eating behavior of some children. In Filipino, these children are described as “mapili o maselan” when it comes to food.


    Its most common identifiers are:
    •    The child consumes a limited number or an inadequate variety of food, and/or exhibits strong food preferences;
    •    The child is unwilling to try new food (food neophobia); and
    •    The child eats slowly, lacks interest, and/or does not eat enough.

    Food acceptance or rejection may be based on the qualities of food such as taste, texture, appearance, smell, or temperature. In extreme cases, there are even times when entire food groups are avoided!


    Click here to learn more about facts when it comes to children's picky eating.

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