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Bedroom Don'ts! The Top 5 Reasons You Are Not Getting a Good Night's Sleep
  • We all want to have homes where we can rest and unwind. But parents who have to juggle lots of different tasks and responsibilities will agree it is that’s easier said than done when you have kids. But if there is one room moms and dads should double their efforts in keeping it in clean and tidy, it is the master bedroom because you have to make it most relaxing room in the whole house for your sanity’s sake.

    Take note of these 5 things you might be doing that keep you from keeping your bedroom in order, and what you can do to finally turn things around.

    You do not change mattresses

    At the end of the day, all any momma really wants is to get a good night’s sleep, but having an outdated mattress can keep you from achieving that. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an indication that it’s time to purchase a new mattress is when your current one has worn or sagging spots in the middle or at the edges, or if you find yourself feeling tired or stiff when you wake up.

    Healthline says cleaning your mattress carefully is one way to prolong its lifetime. To get rid of trapped odors and moisture, try sprinkling it with baking soda and vacuuming it after 24 hours. To keep dust mites and allergens at a minimum, you can also vacuum it regularly.

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    You do not wash your sheets and pillows enough

    Another thing that can lessen your quality of sleep is if your pillows are no longer in ideal condition — meaning when they can’t support your head and neck well anymore. Another reason pillows need to be replaced and cleaned regularly is that they collect things like sweat, oils, bacteria, and even fungi.


    Sleep.org suggests washing your pillows every six months and using a protectant case in between the pillow and the pillowcase. To find out how to clean it properly, make sure to check your pillow’s label. Finally, it is recommended that pillows be changed every one to two years, or when they start to look flat and bumpy.

    You do not declutter regularly

    It’s science: Clutter triggers stress. A study from the University of California, Los Angeles’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) found there is “a link between high cortisol (stress hormone) levels in female homeowners and a high density of household objects.” Another finding of the study is that the more clutter there is in a home, the more anxious a woman feels. Furthermore, Good Housekeeping notes that women tend to associate a messy home with failure.

    One word of advice: Declutter. You deserve to feel calm and to get a good sleep when you’re in your bedroom, not get more bombarded with an additional load of stress. You can start by simply keeping only a bare minimum of items in the room and getting rid of all the other stuff you may not be using at all.

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    You leave your electronic gadgets inside the bedroom

    You may enjoy watching TV or scrolling through your Facebook feed in bed, but experts say it is not advisable to keep electronic gadgets inside a bedroom. It is not just kids whose sleep quality is negatively affected by gadgets. The National Sleep Foundation says even the smallest devices can emit enough light to “miscue the brain and promote wakefulness.”

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    Stop keeping your work-related stuff in the bedroom

    If you are a mom or dad who works from home, here is an important reminder: Experts say it is best not to keep work-related equipment in your bedroom. After all, how would you be able to rest well if you are constantly made to think about work-related matters in your very own room?

    “Putting a workspace in the bedroom is just a bad idea,” home design expert Jonathan Scott tells House Beautiful. “The bedroom is not for working in — its purpose is to help you relax, recharge and unwind.”

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