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Good Luck, Good Health, Good Sleep: Feng Shui For Your Bedroom
  • When you are moving into a new home or rearranging your space, what’s the first place you’d want to attend to first? Is it the kitchen? The living room? For a lot of people, it would be the room that would be considered the safest place in the house: the bedroom.

    The creation of a balanced and harmonious space is absolutely important. Feng Shui, an age-old Chinese practice that has been rooted in Filipino culture for thousands of years, aims to do exactly that.

    Largely used in architecture and in homes, Feng Shui is centered on the flow of positive energy (called "qi") and the warding off of negative energy. Feng Shui is believed to contribute to good luck and wealth, good health and peace of mind, and good sleep and sound relationships. Using the arrangement of objects and the use of space, here are some Do’s and Don’ts of how to arrange the bedroom through the use of Feng Shui.

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    Where To Position The Bed

    DO: Place your bed’s headboard against a solid wall.

    This arrangement of the headboard promotes stability according to Feng Shui, as the position of the bed “commands” the entire room. It is recommended that only the headboard be leaning against the wall so the remaining three sides have space for energy to flow evenly around you.

    For your child’s bed, their headboard and one side of their bed can be leaning against the wall as this arrangement helps in support and protection for your youngster.


    DON’T: Arrange your mirror in front or beside of your bed.

    Though placing a mirror in the dining room can welcome good energy, we can’t say the same when placing it in front of your bed. A reflective surface in front of your bed can cause an imbalance in the flow of qi (energy), and even represent third parties. The constant bouncing of life energy causes restlessness according to Feng Shui master, Patrick Lim Fernandez.

    What To Put In The Bedroom

    DO: Fill the interior of your bedroom in a light, warm color.

    In the spirit of balancing the yin and yang energies, using light colors to illuminate dark spaces can affect the flow of energy in your space. Whether it be the paint color of your walls, the color of your objects or the actual use of light through lamps – illumination and use of color, by ways of Feng Shui, can elevate the mood of your space almost instantly. Usual colors associated with the bedroom in Feng Shui are red, orange, or pink. These are representative of the fire element, which signify passion and love within the bedroom.

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    DON’T: Have too many electronic devices.

    Going back to the concept of rest, it is said that an excessive number of electronic devices may cause disruption of peaceful sleep. This is especially encouraged when arranging your young one’s room as they lessen distracting noices.

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    DO: Decorate with objects that are “alive.”

    A mixture of living (such as plants and flowers) and non-living things (small waterfall displays, wind chimes, etc) can add additional life energy to your bedroom.

    Plants especially serve as “lucky charms” according to Feng Shui consultant Jean Chua. She further adds that plants can attract good energy to your room.

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    So the next time you find yourself wanting to rearrange a bedroom, give these tips a try! Whether you follow the principles of Feng Shui because of personal belief, or maybe you just see that it creates a visually-pleasing room, what’s important is that the bedroom (may it be yours or your child’s!), is a space of peace and rest. Not only will it be a room in line with the energies of the universe – it’ll look and feel awesome, too!

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