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  • Mom Shopped On Social Media For Budget Makeover: 'No More Sleeping On The Floor!

    She breathed new life into their worn-out bedroom!
    by Kitty Elicay . Published Aug 25, 2020
Mom Shopped On Social Media For Budget Makeover: 'No More Sleeping On The Floor!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Anna Ramos-Marcos
  • Parents would dream of a home renovation but it’s hard to set a budget especially with the growing expenses of a family. With the community quarantine confining us indoors, however, a simple makeover can have a big impact on making us more comfortable and relaxed in our personal space.

    This is what inspired Anna Katrina Ramos-Marcos, 36, an online English teacher, custom doll artist, and mom of one, to finally push through with their bedroom makeover. For two years now, she and her husband, Jan, and their 7-year-old daughter, Ysabella, had been sleeping on a mattress in their living room.

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    Anna with her husband, Jan, and daughter, Ysabella.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Anna Ramos-Marcos

    “We turned the bedroom into a playroom and my workstation since I work with dolls. My husband and I both got so busy that we never talked about renovations since then,” she tells SmartParenting.com.ph in an email interview.

    But when the pandemic happened and their family had to spend 24 hours, 7 days a week inside their house, Anna realized their bedroom was in need of an upgrade. “We spend most of our day inside the bedroom because that’s where I work and where the playroom is. The chipped wall paint, wall cracks, uneven granite, and multicolored walls started to bother me,” she shares. “I would sit inside looking at that one big worn-out box we call our room.”

    She adds, “I happened to scroll past a picture of a pallet bed on Instagram and remembered seeing pallets for sale on Facebook marketplace. I couldn’t get it out of my head and that’s when I knew I should make this my ‘quarantine project,’”

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    How to do a minimalist chic bedroom on a budget

    How their bedroom looked before the renovation: cramped and cluttered.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anna Ramos

    Since Jan was checked-in at a hotel for work during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), Anna started the project on her own. It was no problem since she majored in Interior Design, but she had to work on a tight budget. “I have always worked on freelance interior design projects blessed with a big budget, so I thought I would also need a huge amount to be able to execute the design I had pictured in my head,” she says.

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    It turns out, you can achieve a minimalist chic bedroom for under Php40,000 if you’re a savvy shopper. To save on costs, Anna utilized online shopping from Facebook Marketplace and Shopee.

    It took her two months to source furniture and accessories. She initially planned on DIY-ing the renovation, but after assessing the damages in their bedroom, she knew she would need to hire professionals. Luckily, Jan found construction workers who were being tested regularly in their workplace. “But we still had to do safety precautions when they entered the house,” Anna stressed.

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    Take a look at how Anna transformed their bedroom!


    This looks so cozy!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anna Ramos-Marcos

    Her bedframe and side tables, made of paleta or wood pallets, were customized by an Facebook marketplace seller because she couldn’t find a ready-made on that would fit their mattress and room. “It cost more but I was happy with the outcome,” Anna shares.

    The carpets, rugs, beddings, pillows, and cases all came from Shopee and Facebook marketplace. Lighting and accessories were bought from SM home world when the enhanced community quarantine was lifted.

    TV rack

    We love the minimalist design of this console!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anna Ramos-Marcos

    This TV rack was posted for sale on a Facebook furniture group. “For this one that is in excellent condition and for its size, Php2,800 is a steal. Plus, it’s made of real wood,” Anna shares.

    Vanity area

    Thanks to the makeover, Anna also carved a nook for her self-care.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anna Ramos-Marcos

    Before the renovation, this closet doubled as a TV rack. Anna repurposed the space and turned it into a vanity. The couch was also custom-made from Facebook marketplace.

    The total cost of the renovation? Php37,000! Anna offers a breakdown:

    • Php7,300 for the workers and paint materials
    • Php2,800 for the TV rack
    • Php4,500 for the bedframe
    • Php1,000 for the floating shelf
    • Php650 for the canvas
    • Php1,200 for décor
    • Php1,020 for the wallpaper
    • Php4,200 for the lights
    • Php1,480 for the beddings
    • Php5,200 for the couch
    • Php2,000 for the potted plants
    • Php700 for the mirror
    • Php2,600 for the custom, 8-feet curtain
    • Php2,400 for carpets and rugs
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    Tips for a budget makeover

    Even the little details in Anna's bedroom are well thought out.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anna Ramos-Marcos

    Anna admits that she initially challenged herself to do the makeover for Php20,000, but she ended up spending more on décor and accessories. Still, the outcome looked similar to her big-budget projects but for a fraction of the cost. And the whole family was so happy with how it turned out!

    If you’re planning to do your own bedroom makeover, here are some of Anna’s tips:

    1. Plan how your space would look like.

    “I decided on the furniture and layout based on our family’s needs, daily routine, and lifestyle,” Anna says. “That has to be considered first when coming up with a design. You should also do space planning for smooth movement around the room.”

    2. Do your research.

    As Anna mentioned, she scoured online sites thoroughly before making her purchases. “I realized how much money I can save by researching and canvassing for items first.”

    Of course, this takes patience. “Take time choosing your furniture and everything else you want to include in your room. You not only get what you want (or something really close to it), but you save money, too,” she says.

    We love that the pieces in her room are elegant and subdued.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anna Ramos-Marcos

    3. Buy decorations after the renovation is finished.

    When choosing accessories, Anna says it’s important not to be tempted whenever you see something cute. “It has to be cohesive,” she shares. “So, whenever I get excited like a  kid in a candy store, all mixed up and confused, I always remind myself to go back to [my] Nordic and minimal [theme] and restart.”


    Want to share your home makeover? Email us at smartparentingsubmissions@gmail.com and tell us about your project. For more home improvement and renovation ideas, click here.

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