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  • Akitin Ang Swerte! 7 Ways To Set Up A Prosperity Corner In Your Home

    Know what to add and which items to avoid to channel positive energy into your space.
    by Cielo Anne Calzado .
Akitin Ang Swerte! 7 Ways To Set Up A Prosperity Corner In Your Home
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  • If you believe in Feng shui and apply some of its principles around your home, chances are you’re on the lookout for predictions and tips that can help bring luck into your home just in time for Chinese New Year. As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, it won’t hurt to read up on a few must-dos, especially if it can help channel positive energy into your home.

    In an article on Oprahmag.com, astrologer and student of Feng shui Susan Levitt shared that preparing the home for the Year of the Metal Ox begins with cleaning. “Reduce clutter and maintain tidiness all year round. The main focus is on the bedroom as hard-working oxen do best after peaceful sleep,” she shared.

    Once your house is clean, you can start working on a few tweaks to further attract prosperity and luck, one of which involves setting up a wealth or prosperity corner.

    What is a prosperity corner?

    Karen Frazier, a Feng shui teacher and energy healer, explains that “the feng shui wealth corner is the sector in your home or business where placing certain objects can attract the energy of wealth. Attention to energy and flow in the feng shui money corner may help enhance prosperity.”

    In her own website, Frazier explains that wealth doesn’t only pertain to money. It can also refer to abundance in happiness, peace, good health, and success.

    How can you find the wealth corner in your home?

    Setting up your prosperity corner is easy, but it’s best to identify where the wealth corner is in your space. Using a bagua map, you can pinpoint the right corner – whether you live in a small space or a multi-storey home.


    According to an article on The Spruce, the classical feng shui school locates the wealth area in the southeast corner of your home. If you’re following the western school, it’s the upper left area of a space based on your home’s floor plan. Once you’ve identified your home’s wealth sector, you can start decorating it to help attract prosperity.

    How to decorate a prosperity corner

    The Spruce explains that the element associated with the wealth corner is wood and this is strengthened by water and earth. “For good feng shui, you want the décor of the money area in your home or office to express these elements.” To do this, you can:

    1. Bring in a lush plant.

    Choose an easy-to-care for potted wonder like lucky bamboo, a Chinese jade plant, or an air purifying plant like Peace Lily. Make sure you water your plan and that you remove dried or browning leaves. (Check out a list of online plant shops here.)

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    2. Add a water fountain.

    Since water is also an important element, you can have a battery-operated tabletop water fountain as part of your setup. You can shop for one online or look for a fountain that matches the look you have in mind when you visit the hardware store or the home section of your favorite department store.

    3. Try a wall art that features flowing water.    

    If you’re not too keen on adding a tabletop fountain, The Spruce suggests bringing in wall art or framed prints that feature clean and flowing water such as photos of waterfalls, a lake, or an ocean.

    4. Pick the right colors.

    When choosing colors to incorporate into the final look — whether you’re adding fabric or décor pieces, go for items in green, brown, blue, earthy colors, and yellow.

    5. It’s important that the prosperity corner is well-lit.

    Having a window near the area is good, but if this is not the case, Frazier suggests bringing light into the corner as it can enhance prosperity. You can use a mirror to reflect light coming from a lamp or window, or you can also incorporate a lamp with a wooden base into the setup.

    6. Your wealth corner must be kept clean at all times.

    Clutter is a big no-no. Avoid bringing in too many elements. You can polish the look of your corner by adding one or two traditional feng shui cures for wealth like Chinese coins, Citrine crystals, or a laughing Buddha.


    7. Remove items that block prosperity.

    Aside from avoiding clutter, make sure you avoid adding objects that are said to block prosperity such as trash bins, broken items, and unpaid bills.

    These are just some must-dos you can look into to attract positivity and prosperity into your space. At the end of the day, use feng shui only as a guide. You need to pair luck with hard work and perseverance.

    Want to achieve a brighter, happier home using Feng shui? Click here for our tips.

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