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  • Outdoor Feels! Look How These Moms Made The Most Out Of A Small Balcony

    Time to revamp that neglected space into a cozy hangout spot!
    by Kitty Elicay . Published Jun 17, 2020
Outdoor Feels! Look How These Moms Made The Most Out Of A Small Balcony
PHOTO BY courtesy of Gela Polong-Pica and Samantha Ramos
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    After months of being cooped up in our homes due to the community quarantine, many of us are surely craving outdoor time. But going to areas which have the potential to get crowded may not yet be advisable to parents and their kids. So what’s a mom to do? For starters, you can transform your small balcony into a cozy hangout spot and get that outdoor feel.

    7 ways to decorate a small balcony

    Some of us might have balconies that are currently neglected or used as storage, so we asked our Facebook community, Smart Parenting Village, to share tips on how they set up their outdoor space. From putting plants, furniture, and fake grass, these design ideas are perfect even for condo dwellers who have limited areas to play with!

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    Take a look and be inspired by these charming examples:

    1. Install artificial grass.

    Faux grass can be a stylish accent for your balcony. You can also install shelves for your potted plants!
     PHOTO BY courtesy of Samantha Ramos

    One of the ways to liven up your balcony is with a flooring of artificial grass. If you live in a condominium, this can offset a scenery of concrete buildings. Mom Samantha Ramos shares that they got each piece for Php2,500 — “It’s thick and close to natural grass,” she tells SmartParenting.com.ph. It’s easy to maintain, too! “Once a week, pinapagpag lang po namin. ‘Pag umuulan, we just roll it,” Samantha shares.

    Her 19-month-old son, Riam, definitely enjoys this slice of nature. “Sarado ‘yung swimming pool sa clubhouse kaya batsa na lang muna sa balcony. Tuwang-tuwa naman ang baby namin!” say Samantha.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Samantha Ramos

    2. Tie a hammock.

    A hammock can automatically make the balcony more relaxing.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Gela Polong-Pica

    If your balcony is enclosed, you can tie a hammock to turn it into a hangout spot. Since mom Gela Polong-Pica’s terrace has grilles, she was able to tie a hammock so her daughter, Ynah Louise, 7, can make it her tambayan. See the exercise bike? We think their space doubles as a home gym, too!

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    3. Transform it into a play area.

    Keep your kids entertained by installing their own play area in the balcony.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Neryma Agustin Ergina

    If you have a bigger area, you can also turn it into a play area for your kids. Mom Neryma Agustin Ergina shares that they held their daughter Sophia’s fifth birthday on their balcony. They placed a small table and some seats on one side and set up a tent on the other side.


    “Sinurprise namin siya. ’Yung dress na matagal niya nang gustong suotin ‘yun ang pinagamit namin. Super happy siya sa simple food at sa guest niya na puro dolls at stuffed toys,” Neryma tells Smart Parenting.

    4. Turn it into a mini-garden!

    Add a table in your small balcony and let your toddlers do sensory play.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ruth Ramos

    What better way to get a feel of the outdoors than to install plants on your balcony? After installing mesh wires, mom Ruth Ramos was able to put more plants in their small space. She shares that this is where they grow vegetables like alugbati. “I will usually put my baby in the laundry basket for him to experience a change of routine and then I get help from my 2-year-old son to harvest veggies for our ulam,” Ruth says, adding that their balcony also doubles as their “sampayan.”

    Putting plants in your balcony can also make it more "maaliwalas" and "presko."
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Pat Rodriguez-Carranza

    Smart Parenting Mom Network member Pat Rodriguez-Carranza also shares how they turned their rooftop into a garden. “Si mama nag-design ng bahay; matagal na rin siyang certified plantita,” she tells Smart Parenting. “Dito naglalaro ang mga bata for now, kasama ang mga kuting at tito nila.”

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    5. Install a bar table.

    A bar table like this can be a real space-saver.

    Maximize a tiny balcony by attaching a shelf on the railing. It becomes an ideal breakfast nook or dating spot if you fancy a dinner and a drink with hubby (just don’t get tipsy!). According to mom Rio Jones-Larion, they had the tables customized for around Php3,000 to Php4,000.

    “Our kids are aged 9, 8, and 6 months. They don’t go out to the balcony that much, but if ever they do, we make sure an adult is with them,” she shares.

    6. Dine al fresco.

    A family dinner on the rooftop or balcony? We like!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mercy Rante

    Invest on an outdoor set that includes a table and benches so you can instantly transform your balcony into a space for relaxing and entertaining. Mom Mercy Rante decided to have dinner on their rooftop with her hubby and two kids, Farrell, 9, and Hamir, 6, “para maiba naman ang view.”

    7. Put invisible grilles.

    Your table in the balcony can double as a study area for your child. A comfy chair on the side can be her reading nook.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kathy Alcala

    Parents might have reservations about letting their kids out on the balcony if they live in tall condo buildings, but one way to have peace of mind is to install grilles that will span the height of your balcony and the floor above, just like how mom Kathy Alcala did it. (Read more child safety tips if you have a balcony here.)

    Though they spent quite a sum on the grilles (around Php50,000 placed on installment), they consider it an investment and a good deal because they were finally able to let their daughter 7-year-old daughter, Kyrsten out on the balcony. “Since our balcony is huge, the space would be a waste if we can’t maximize it for our daughter, [because] we didn’t allow her to go out on the balcony on her own. Now we can let her and she can use the space as a play area without us worrying about accidental falls,” she tells Smart Parenting.


    Looking for more design ideas? Click here for tips on how you can decorate a small bedroom for the whole family!

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