• 12 Mantras to Inspire Your Weight Loss Journey

    From January to December, we've got your back.
    by Vira Diego .
  • After all that munching we did on Noche Buena and Media Noche, not a few of us are thinking of ways to shed the extra pounds. We're here for you! To help motivate you in your journey to getting more fit in 2018, take these mantras to heart:

    For January, set your goals.

    For February, take small steps, one at a time.

    For March, don’t rush the results.

    For April, always say “YES” to exercise.

    For May, remember that pain means progress!

    For June, keep sweating!

    For July, take the initiative.

    For August, don’t be tempted!

    For September, keep yourself on track.

    For October, keep moving forward!

    For November, don’t let other people’s doubts stop you.

    For December, see the results--but don’t stop there!


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