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  • 5 Healthy Resolutions You Can Make as a Couple

    The next step to a healthier you becomes an easier and more enjoyable activity with your best fitness buddy – your spouse.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
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    While staying healthy is everyone’s personal responsibility and an individual challenge, the opportunity to share the undertaking with someone helps turn exercise into a more enjoyable task. 

    What more if you live a healthy lifestyle with someone you love? You’d be surprised to know that there are a lot of advantages to working out with your spouse or making healthier food choices together. You help each other live longer, make better choices to stay strong for your kids at the same time. Plus, it also qualifies as quality bonding time with your partner. 

    With that in mind, we share you some ways you could trim off those unwanted pounds and get a shapelier figure as a couple.

    1. Jog or run together on weekends. 

    Not just because of the running boom, but because running is an excellent cardiovascular activity, plus, it’s also one of the most inexpensive. In fact, all you need are a good pair of running shoes, a good location to run, and you’re good to go! 


    Add your perfect buddy, your spouse, for some conversation, and you’ll notice that it helps regulate your breathing as you run. Having someone as well to be there to run with you helps make you competitive – you’ll want to match or outrun your running partner. Plus, you’ll look forward more to running when you have someone to do it with. 

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    2. Box.

    No, it’s wrong to think that boxing is just for those with sadistic tendencies. Boxing both boosts your endurance while helping promote a healthier heart – you build muscle, toned ones, that is. 
    While it might not be the most romantic idea to punch the living daylights out of your partner (hopefully purely for workout purposes), you’ll find that fun “asaran” or friendly trash talking helps add to a couple’s playfulness with one another. With endorphins released, as well, you’ll experience an amazing post-workout rush. 



    3. Dance.

    You don’t have to be jawdroppingly great dancers to break a sweat and to have fun. Think of it as a way to get close to your spouse – it helps increase your level of comfort and trust in your partner and even intimacy. This also helps if you’re not into sports or gym-type exercises. 


    4. Watch what your spouse eats.

    We all know that it’s not enough to get exercise if you’re not eating right. And for most Filipinos, most family conversations happen at the dinner table, when everybody’s home from work or school. Agreeing with your spouse on what types of food you can have in the house, and being on the same page on what to avoid, reaffirms a commitment to keeping each other healthy. 


    5. Set a common bedtime. 

     Beauty sleep is as important not just for the ladies, but the gents as well. Getting ample shuteye allows your body to restore itself so you wake up refreshed and energized the following day. Sleeping earlier together as a couple and setting a common bedtime also allows time for you and your spouse to reconnect physically, even as you rest. Sleep is a good cardiovascular activity, helping regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. It helps make you alert, helps you lose weight, reduces stress and aids in preventing memory loss. Make sure to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every day.

    Studies show that exercising with someone or with a group encourages people to stick to a fitness regime for a longer time. Becoming healthy together as a couple deepens your bond with your spouse, ensures that someone will always be there to keep an eye out for your safety, and gives you a constant source of motivation and encouragement to work harder at promoting a happier, longer married life.



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