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  • Bianca Gonzalez And JC Intal Mark Their 5th Anniversary By Renewing Their Vows

    The couple were joined by their two daughters!
    by Kate Borbon .
Bianca Gonzalez And JC Intal Mark Their 5th Anniversary By Renewing Their Vows
PHOTO BY courtesy of Instagram/@iamsuperbianca
  • To mark their fifth wedding anniversary, TV host and blogger Bianca Gonzalez and her basketball player husband JC Intal decided to renew their vows to one another!

    Bianca took to Instagram to share the December 4 event. The photos show her and JC making their vows while being joined by their daughters Lucia and Carmen.

    “Renewing our vows as husband and wife, in the presence of our daughters Lucia and Carmen, to celebrate 5 years of being married on this day,” Bianca wrote, adding the hashtag #jcandb.


    JC also shared snapshots of the ceremony, writing, “Today, 5 years into it, we renewed our vows as husband and wife with Lucia and Carmen as witness.”

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    It seems they wanted to recreate their wedding. According to the couple’s recent Instagram posts, they took a family trip to El Nido, Palawan, where their 2014 wedding took place. They also donned all-white outfits harkening back to what they wore on that joyous occasion.

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    In a separate post, Bianca opened up about why she and her husband felt it was the right time for them to renew their vows, even if it may seem a bit too soon.

    “Five years may seem a bit ‘soon’ to renew wedding vows, but for us, we felt it was the perfect time to be reminded of what marriage is and how we can continue to nurture our relationship as husband and wife,” she wrote.

    “Anyone who has been married for several years knows that married life is FAR from picture perfect moments like these. And anyone who is married with kids knows that the blissful newlywed stage is FAAAR from the exhausted, sleepless, breastfeeding-and-chasing-after-kids stage.

    Marriage is a daily choice to love your spouse. There are days when you say or do hurtful things. There are decisions and situations where you don’t get along. Marriage requires effort, and it is an unending series of mistakes and learnings.”

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    Bianca went on to say that she and JC decided to renew their vows instead of giving each other gifts. She also talked about how their vows changed since their wedding.

    “Our vows during our wedding day were realistic and said through rose-tinted specs. Our vows today after 5 years and 2 kids were more rooted and real. I cried hearing my husband share what was in his heart, and I cried while reassuring him of my love and apologizing for my shortcomings in the midst of the daily grind of my being focused on our young kids’ needs.


    “We smiled at each other hearing each one’s vows, because we wrote them separately, but apparently we ended our vows saying the exact same thing. Mahal, like I said 5 years ago, may we both never forget the feeling of our wedding day, and may we both never forget the feeling of today.”

    Bianca finished her post with a brief message to other married couples: “I highly recommend renewal of vows when you feel the time is right.”

    Happy anniversary, Bianca and JC!

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