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  • Kris Aquino Reveals Bullying They Endure Due To Son Josh's Autism

    The host-actress said people call her eldest son hurtful labels online even if he has nothing to do with political issues about her family.
    by Rachel Perez .
Kris Aquino Reveals Bullying They Endure Due To Son Josh's Autism
PHOTO BY @krisaquino/Instagram
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  • It's hard enough being a mom, but it's even more challenging when you're a mom in the public eye. Everyone's got an opinion, and everyone thinks theirs matter, thanks to social media. On the other hand, being a celebrity mother has its advantages too, as it could also be an avenue to let the public know about issues or advocacies close to your heart. 

    Yesterday, March 15, 2016, the Queen of All Media posted on Instagram a photo of her and son Bimby Yap, age 9. in a tight embrace. "Because of my sons- I’ve never gone a day without feeling #loved," Kris Aquino wrote in the caption. She has an older son, Josh Aquino, age 22.


    Before anyone could sow intrigue, the single mom quickly offered the reason why her eldest child isn't with them in the photo: Josh had undergone treatment for acne scars. Kris said his skin condition was due to consuming too much protein while trying to build muscle and mass. 

    "We decided to be proactive [and] deal with his skin immediately before there was permanent scarring," Kris wrote. "Until his face totally heals and he's scab free, I’m sparing him any pictures posted on my feed," the single mom wrote. 

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    One Instagram user, @cathywong27, however, raised a different issue. "Kris, why can’t you be a spokesperson for kids on the spectrum base on your experience," she wrote. The netizen was referring to Josh's condition, which is autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

    "I’m sure there’s a lot of families out there who are unaware of this disability and are in the dark on where to go for help and simply what to do. I’m sure you would help a lot of families," the netizen added. 

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    Kris, who had talked about Josh's condition in the past, replied that she's not the right person for the job. The single mom explained that their journey is "totally different" because she has the means to provide Josh the best intervention possible.

    "And people, who are our political enemies and just the plain, mean-spirited ones, have bullied Josh enough," the mom of two revealed. "Try mong mabasa na 'mongoloid,' 'abnoy,' 'karma ng buhay nyo,' every time may political issue na walang kasalanan si Josh, and you’ll understand me," she said. 

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    Though she seldom talks about Josh's condition in public, Kris had revealed in past interviews with Pep.ph that Josh has a team of seven specialists looking after him. 

    Another Instagram user, @hench7, chimed in and suggested spreading awareness about autism could be the legacy that Kris can leave behind. "If your parents gave us democracy, maybe this advocacy can be your ticket to be forever in the history of our country," the netizen wrote. 


    "That decision doesn't just affect me but affects my two sons. Do they deserve further bullying?" Kris replied. "I choose peace," she added. "Respect my choice now and who knows, time will come that I  shall be ready." 

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