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  • LJ Moreno Suffers Miscarriage: 'We Couldn't Hear The Heartbeat'

    by Rachel Perez .
  • On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag shared the sad news that LJ suffered a miscarriage on their vlog about their pregnancy journey.

    After taking a pregnancy test, LJ went to the doctor for her first prenatal checkup. She was just a little past 6 weeks pregnant, and they could not hear the baby's heartbeat yet. The doctor said it could be too early.

    "I went back for my next appointment, hoping na we could hear na the heartbeat. Unfortunately, we still couldn't," the mom of three shared.

    The doctor then told them to manage their expectations about the pregnancy and warned them about a possible miscarriage.

    On her third doctor's appointment, "We found out na wala na talaga," LJ said.

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    Telling the kids about miscarriage

    Jimmy revealed LJ had early pregnancy complications when she was pregnant with their youngest, Calen. But at that time, they heard his heartbeat right away.

    Jimmy's biggest concern was making sure that LJ was okay. He and LJ were also anxious about telling the kids the news, especially when Ian and Keona were so excited at the prospect of a new sibling.

    "That was the hardest thing," the mom of three admitted. 


    The sad news followed after LJ's mom got into a car accident although she is now recovering at home. Ian also lost her two pet dragonflies, so they waited until after his birthday.

    "We tried as much as possible to explain and simplify it for him to make it easier for him. Kaya lang when we said, 'Mama's not pregnant anymore, he just broke down,' LJ shared. Keona, she added, took it better.

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    Staying positive after a miscarriage

    For LJ, the pregnancy loss gave her the chance to get checked. The doctor found out three small nodules in her thyroid, and tests showed she had "antibodies." She could be be referring to Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APAS).

    "If this pregnancy didn't happen, we wouldn't even know. [The nodules] could have gotten bigger without me even knowing. And the antibodies," LJ, who is now taking medication for these, said.

    Jimmy took the opportunity to tell their followers to get regular checkups.

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    "This is the first time we're going through a miscarriage. At first, it's like you don't really know how to feel, but all we could to si trust God," LJ shared. "God has a plan for all this. If you guys are going through anything, you may not understand it now, but don't lose the faith," she said.

    "In God's time, if he feels that it's right for us to have an addition to our family, then it'll happen again," Jimmy added.

    Watch their vlog below:

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