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  • Nico Bolzico Put Thylane's Patience To The Test. Did She Pass?

    Adorable Thylane aced her dad's patience test!
    by Angela Baylon . Published Nov 11, 2021
Nico Bolzico Put Thylane's Patience To The Test. Did She Pass?
PHOTO BY instagram/solenn
  • Toddlers are known for being impatient, but it looks like Nico Bolzico's daughter Thylane has no problem with the waiting game!

    On November 9, 2021, mom Solenn Heussaff shared a video of their 1-year-old going through the infamous patience test. If you haven't seen videos of the challenge online, it is actually a simple test with one rule: Wait patiently.

    Parents place sweets or treats in front of their kids and then tell their children they are leaving the room. The kids can have the food only after mommy or daddy comes back. 

    Did Thylane pass the test? At the beginning of the video, it seems like she was going to fail. She kept on reaching for the snack after it was placed on the table. Nico explained Thylane should wait for him to come back before eating.


    Thylane Katana understood the assignment and did not touch the snack while her Daddy Nico was away. 


    After Nico left, the little girl did not touch the snack at all. She even went after her dad, meaning that she passed the test with flying colors!

    "Muy Bien!" Nico exclaimed.


    What is the patience test

    Before it became an online challenge, the patience test was known as the "marshmallow test" developed by  Standford University professor Walter Mischel. A kid was offered a single marshmallow and will be left alone for 10 minutes. If the kid can avoid eating it during the allotted time, he will be given a second marshmallow — delayed gratification.

    The experiment aimed to measure a child's ability to exercise restraint when presented with an opportunity to reap better rewards in the future. In a Berkeley article, psychologist Jill Suttie, Psy.D. said that this ability could predict a child's potential to achieve success later in life. But according to recent studies, the marshmallow test shows that there are other factors that can affect individuals from achieving their greatest potential.

    Have you tried this test on your kids? If not, will you try it?

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