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Rica Peralejo Chooses to Have Faith Over Fear: 'No Need for Doppler'
PHOTO BY @ricaperalejo/Instagram
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  • Less than a year ago, Rica Peralejo Bonifacio opened up about having had two miscarriages and still remaining hopeful to be a mom a second time. Now, more than 30 weeks into her pregnancy, she looks back on a day when she took another leap of faith.

    Rica says that a few months ago, she was searching for a portable Doppler machine to use for the home. "I wanted to get one because I was in fear," the actress shared on Instagram. "Everyday I felt afraid to not know if my baby’s heartbeat had already stopped beating," Rica added.

    "I decided against it and began to believe that even when I do not feel it, my baby is alive," she said. "It was so hard to choose faith over the Doppler machine, but I did it because I wanted to exercise my faith more than my fear," Rica explained, adding that it is in hardships that a person grows and learns more.

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    Rica happily shared that her baby's movements now keep her company during the daytime and even keeps her awake at night. "No need for doppler. I know baby is alive," she added. "I also know that even when baby is silent, God is working. God can do anything, even when nothing seems to be moving," the preggo mom wrote.

    On her last scan, Rica shared that she might have a big baby. She also shared video clips of her tummy as the baby moved—and boy, did it move!

    These screenshots don't really do those baby kicks justice. You'd have to head to Rica's Instagram to really see how the baby in her tummy moves!
    PHOTO BY screenshots from @riceperalejo/Instagram Stories

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    Getting a personal fetal doppler has gained popularity among expectant moms, especially those who have suffered loss, as Rica did. While some doctors prescribe it to some moms on a case-to-case basis, an at-home fetal Doppler is not typically recommended since it's challenging to use if one has not undergone the proper training.

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    In January 2018 after announcing her pregnancy, Rica shared that they thought they'd lose the baby again on her 6th week after an episode of bleeding. Thankfully, after rushing to the hospital and having an ultrasound scan, the baby's heartbeat was still strong.

    Rica also mentioned Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APAS), one of the five reproductive-immunological disorders (RID). While her test results didn't put her in any of the five categories, her APAS "borderline" markers are very near," she said. Her doctor has put her on a lot of medication, even intravaginal medication and Innohep injections as a blood thinner.


    The coming baby is a blessing not only for Rica and her husband Pastor Joseph Bonifacio, but moreso for their 5-year-old son Philip, who has been wanting and praying for a sibling. It has been "a day-to-day struggle, a day-to-day fight between choosing faith or fear," the preggo mom said on her pregnancy vlog announcement.

    "We only live by faith. The only assurance we have for health, for prosperity, for a good future, for hope, is that God is a good God and He will take care of us," added Joseph.

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