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  • 'Oh Boy, It’s Another Baby Boy!' Dimples Romana, Husband Are Having Another Son

    Here's a peek inside Dimples' gender reveal party for her third baby.
    by Angela Baylon .
'Oh Boy, It’s Another Baby Boy!' Dimples Romana, Husband Are Having Another Son
PHOTO BY nice print photo via instagram/dimplesromana
  • #FAhmeely is expecting another baby boy!

    Celebrity mom Dimples Romana and her husband Boyet Ahmee recently found out the sex of their third baby on the way!

    In a gender reveal party held Sunday, February 27, 2022, the FAhmeely (Ahmee family) had a gender reveal party for their newest member. Photos and videos from the event showed Boyet popping a giant balloon, from which a bunch of blue confetti exploded.

    PHOTO BY nice print photo via instagram/dimplesromana
    PHOTO BY nice print photo via instagram/dimplesromana

    The couple's two children, Callie,18, and Alonzo,7, are also visibly excited for the arrival of their baby brother. Dimples previously said that Alonzo has been hoping to have a younger sibling since last year.

    PHOTO BY nice print photo via instagram/dimplesromana
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    Before revealing the gender of the baby, Dimples teased fans with a clue by uploading two almost identical ultrasound photos— one is of her third baby and the other belongs to either Callie or Alonzo. Well, now we know the baby will be a younger version of his Kuya Alonzo!


    "Last three months til I see my baby boy," Dimples wrote in her Instagram post. It was last February 18, 2022, when Dimples first announced her pregnancy and shared that she was already in her third trimester.

    At 37, the actress is a blooming pregnant mom in her maternity photoshoots, taking inspiration from the four natural elements. On her social media account, she already released photos from the air and fire concepts, shot by celebrity photographer, Shaira Luna.


    Now that the gender is out, fans are still awaiting the name reveal. Dimples and Boyet already said that baby number three would bear a name that starts in the letter E.


    How to increase the chances of having a baby boy?

    Science has yet to pinpoint how to make a baby boy or girl. But if you're trying to conceive a baby boy, couples say you can try some of these tips. They're not 100% proven to be effective, but there's no harm in trying, right?

    These tips are lifted from a previous Smart Parenting article. (Read the full article here)

    1. Time your sexual intercourse right.

    The Whelan Method, devised by Elizabeth Whelan, suggests that couples who want a baby boy should have sex around four days before ovulation temperature rises because male chromosome-carrying sperm perform better during that time, reaching the egg first.

    2. Women may want to eat more red meat, salty foods during ovulation.

    One research found that a woman's high sodium and potassium diet increased their chances of conceiving a boy. Salty or potassium-rich food, like bananas, leads to more alkaline or Y-chromosome-friendly conditions in your vagina.


    3. Men may want to wear boxers.

    Tighter underwear warms the men's scrotum and leads to lower sperm count. Experts believe a high sperm count is more likely to produce a baby boy.

    Just don't get too hung up on these tips. Remember, every child, boy or girl is a blessing.

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