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Your Baby Doesn't Want to Sleep? 7 Things to Try to Get Him to Dreamland
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  • Having baby sleep throughout the night can be tough, but putting him down for naps during the day can be just as difficult. If you are constantly having difficulty ensuring your little one gets the amount of sleep he needs at daytime, here are some simple things you can try out.

    Put your baby down earlier

    Instead of waiting until baby is completely tired before putting him down, watch out for signs that he is already sleepy such as rubbing his eyes, droopy eyelids, and fussiness. Lay him down when he begins showing those signs. As the Mayo Clinic writes, “The longer you wait, the more overtired and fussy your baby might become, and the harder it might be for him or her to fall asleep.”

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    Take a walk

    Walking is a simple yet effective way of sending little one off to dreamland. You can try putting him in his stroller then taking a quick walk with him. Once he is deep asleep, you can bring him back home to ensure he has a great nap.

    Create the ideal sleep environment

    One of the best ways to get your baby is to sleep well is by recreating the environment they encountered inside the womb. In her book The Gentle Sleep Book, author Sarah Ockwell-Smith tells parents how to achieve the most ideal sleep environment for their babies. Here are some things you can do:

    • Keep the room as dark and free from stimulating objects (like toys) as possible.
    • Dress him in comfortable, soft clothes without restrictions like waistbands, collars, etc.
    • Provide a white noise machine, which will help remind him of the sounds he heard while in the womb.
    • Hold him against your chest, so he can feel your warmth, smell your heartbeat, and smell you.
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    Sing to your baby

    Your baby loves hearing your voice! It is a source of emotional comfort, so it is not surprising to find that your singing is a simple but effective way to usher him off to sleep. Studies show singing may have a positive impact on babies’ cognitive development and can even help deepen and strengthen the bond between them and their parents. Don’t worry if you can’t carry a tune — your little one will enjoy listening to you nonetheless!

    Swaddle your little one

    Wrapping baby in a blanket is another way to replicate the womb and can therefore be an effective technique in calming babies down and putting them to sleep. If you intend to swaddle your baby, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends several important reminders:

    • Make sure to let him sleep on his back to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
    • Monitor him and see that he doesn’t roll over while he is swaddled and that he doesn’t get too hot later on.
    • Wrap him snugly and clear his crib of any loose blankets, which may increase the risk of suffocation.
    • Babies should only be swaddled until about two months old, or before they begin trying to roll by themselves.
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    Build a routine

    Establishing a routine of simple activities before naptime (and bedtime) is a way to give your baby a set of clues that will signal to him that it’s time to go to sleep. This routine may involve changing his diaper, cuddling, and reading a short book. Fatherly writes that giving baby a feeding right before bed might also be helpful in ensuring a longer nap.

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    Be consistent

    Babies, especially newborns, usually need to take at least three naps throughout the day, split between naps in the morning and in the afternoon. To encourage your little one to sleep easily and regularly, the Mayo Clinic suggests that it might help to be consistent with the time during which you put him down to bed each day as well as with the length of time each nap takes.

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