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  • Pawisin Kahit Naka-Aircon? How To Check If Baby Is Too Cold Or Warm, According To A Doctor

    Do these tips to ensure comfortable sleep for your newborn.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Pawisin Kahit Naka-Aircon? How To Check If Baby Is Too Cold Or Warm, According To A Doctor
  • Moms want their newborns to be as comfortable as possible, especially during sleep, which is why many opt to use air conditioning year-round. But how come their little ones are still “pawisin” even with the air con on?

    How to check if baby is too warm or too cold

    On the first episode of SmartParenting.com.ph’s How Po? titled "How To Protect Your Newborn", Dr. Faith Alcazaren Buenaventura, a pediatric specialist and Ria Campos-Lopez, a child behavior specialist and certified baby sleep coach, who are both experts from Stratum Health Partners, shared some important tips on how to keep baby comfortable while inside the home.

    Campos-Lopez says you cannot gauge whether newborns are too hot nor too cold from their sweat. “So you’ll notice the room is super cold pero pinapawisan si baby,” she says.

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    Dr. Alcazaren-Buenaventura adds, “Usually, at that age, [ang] developed pa lang is ‘yung apocrine, ‘yung isang klase ng sweat glands mostly located sa scalp, hands, saka sa feet. So it’s normal [na pagpawisan] because that’s how the heat is dissipated, dun kumakalat ‘yung init. That’s why kung aircon at nagpapawis pa rin, expected ‘yun at that age dahil nanjan ‘yung lahat ng sweat glands nila na mas fully developed.”


    The sweat glands throughout the whole body will eventually develop but during the newborn stage, you can check their nape (batok) to see if they are feeling too warm. “If it’s mainit in the batok, then masyadong balot sila or kailangan na po ng aircon,” Campos-Lopez says.

    To make sure that baby is comfortable, Campos-Lopez shares this rule: “Kung malamig ‘yung adult then you just give your baby one more layer.”

    She adds, “So let’s say me, I’m naka-sleeveless now. The aircon is okay, I will make sure my baby is naka-long sleeves. Or if I’m the one in long sleeves and pants, then my baby should have a jacket or another layer. Parang ganun lang.”

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    What is the ideal room temperature for a newborn?

    Air conditioning is good especially in the hot weather, according to Campos-Lopez. However, the tricky part is ensuring that our newborn is neither too hot nor too cold because they cannot regulate their temperature yet.

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    The ideal scenario is for the air conditioning temperature to be somewhere between 22 to 24 degrees Celsius with newborns wrapped up in a swaddle. “We need to make sure, ideally for sleep, na naka-swaddle,” Campos-Lopez advises. “[This also helps] with the startle reflex because our babies 0 to 4 months wake themselves up by shaking. [When] your baby has one na malakas na malakas, a swaddle will help—whether with Velcro or the muslin cloth (traditional swaddling).”

    Make sure to choose comfortable baby clothes under the swaddle. “Hindi balot na balot. Hindi naka-pants, socks, long sleeves, and glove. Ok na ang cotton onesie,” says Campos-Lopez. When your baby is older than 4 months and starts rolling by himself, that’s when you can make him wear pajamas and stop swaddling.

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    If you have more questions about newborn care, baby development, and the vaccines that your little one needs, you can watch the first episode of our How Po? webinar series below:


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