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  • 8 Cute And Comfortable Face Masks Your Kids Are Sure To Love (Buy Them Online!)

    These fun designs will make them excited to wear one!
    by Kitty Elicay . Published May 24, 2020
8 Cute And Comfortable Face Masks Your Kids Are Sure To Love (Buy Them Online!)
PHOTO BY @bubbadoodles and @googooandgaga via Instagram
  • As we’re adjusting to the “new normal” brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the things we need to get used to is wearing face masks every time we step outside, which the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases has made mandatory for all. While adults won’t have a problem adjusting to the new rules, our little ones might feel hesitant and even irritable if we ask them to wear this new accessory especially if they don’t understand what it’s for.

    Cute and comfortable face masks for kids

    Apart from explaining the need to use face masks, one of the ways you can motivate them to wear one is to look for masks with fun and appealing designs! (Read up on other ways to encourage them here.)

    Keep in mind: The use of any form of facial protective covering for newborns, like face shields and masks, is not recommended by local pediatricians. Likewise, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend face masks for kids younger than age 2. But for older kids, the CDC says that wearing “cloth face coverings” in public settings is recommended especially for those who are asymptomatic (do not exhibit symptoms) and pre-symptomatic (those who eventually develop symptoms) as recent studies have shown that they can still spread the virus to others.

    Ready to shop? We’ve rounded up cute and comfortable face masks that you can buy online for your kids.

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    This face mask will fit children between 3 to 8 years old.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of BabyMama

    This online baby store offers a variety of masks on its website, including this cute fabric face mask with a strawberry print. It’s made of two layers of cotton and is washable and reusable. Buy for Php120 at www.babymama.ph


    Maison Metisse

    These 2-ply, handmade, eco-friendly, and washable face masks are made of upcycled natural fabrics. They come with adjustable straps and a filter pocket. For every piece sold, 50% of the earnings will be given to the brand’s community of embroiderers and weavers. Buy for Php100 at www.maison-metisse.com

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    Bubba Doodles

    From creating accessories like necklaces and bracelets inspired by your children’s artworks, Bubba Doodles can now turn them into face masks, too! These soft and breathable face masks have three layers of polyester spandex and even a pocket for filters. It’s blow test approved and comes in four sizes — from 3-year-olds to plus-size — so you and your kids can wear matching ones! Buy for Php200 (small to medium size) at their Instagram page.

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    Googoo and Gaga

    These everyday face masks come in chic and colorful designs that you and your kids won’t be able to resist! They’re made of a neoprene outer cover and two layers of cotton, plus a pocket for filters and one non-woven filter. Buy for Php150 each at www.googooandgaga.com



    Known for her twinning pieces and kiddie swimsuits, designer Badj Genato now creates face masks using Inabel fabric and Baguio-woven fabrics priced at Php300 each. She also offers reversible, dri-fit, and neoprene options for Php100. For an added sparkle, she also offers taffeta satin and sequined masks for Php200. Place your orders at www.facebook.com/badjswim


    Henry’s Daughter

    This local clothing brand now sells pretty and dainty face masks with floral and cartoon designs. The cotton ones sell for Php300 for a set of 5 while those made out of printed neocrepe sell for Php350 for a set of 4. Place your orders at www.henrysdaughter.com

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    Urban Essentials

    This online store that carries pregnancy and baby essentials offers the Meo Kids Face Mask, which comes in cute sheep, dino, space, and princess designs. It’s made of sheep’s wool and claims to be “highly effective in filtering 99.99% of harmful airborne bacteria, removing most flu pathogens” and “efficient in capturing harmful particles.” It can also filter dust and most allergens like pollen, mold, and dust mites. There's also a version for adults! Buy for Php799 each at www.urbanessentials.com.ph



    This clothing line known for fashionable pieces made by indigenous weavers is now offering zero-waste, full-weave reusable masks that are made of scrap handwoven fabrics. According to the product’s description, the masks have a linen-like feel with full-coverage from nose to mouth and comes with a pocket lining for filters. You also get 2 non-woven washable filters for every purchase. Buy for Php999 each at www.anthillfabricgallery.com


    Face masks do not guarantee protection against COVID-19 but wearing one reduces the chance of transmitting the virus through respiratory droplets. According to pediatricians, surgical masks may be more helpful as it blocks large, liquid droplets and splatter from the wearer’s mouth and nose, but cloth masks can also be an alternative while there is a global shortage of personal protective equipment

    The important thing to remember when going outside is to maintain social distancing and keep preventive measures like frequent handwashing in mind.

    Want to DIY your own face masks? Click here for the best materials to use that can effectively filter particles.

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