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  • Words Have Power! Use These 8 Phrases To Remind Your Child How Awesome She Is

    These phrases are also known as “positive affirmations.”
    by Kate Borbon .
Words Have Power! Use These 8 Phrases To Remind Your Child How Awesome She Is
  • “I can’t do this.”

    “I’m not smart enough.”

    “Nobody likes me.”

    “I’m not worth it.”

    “I make too many mistakes.”

    We’re all guilty of saying things like these to ourselves sometimes (or a lot of times). But it can be even more heart-wrenching to hear them coming from your child. Parents do everything they can to let their kids know how special they are, but nowadays, kids get exposed to things that attack their sense of self-worth, like social media, unrealistic depictions on TV and movies, and harsh words from others.

    While there’s no way to insulate your child from things and people that make her feel like she’s not enough, you can equip her with the ability to not let those things get to her. Positive affirmations, or phrases used to motivate and encourage oneself and boost one’s self-esteem, are a tool you can use to do that.

    In an article for Motherly, writer Suzanne Tucker shared that she started encouraging her child to use positive affirmations after he became frustrated over not being able to solve a puzzle. She asked him to look in the mirror and say phrases like, “I’m the puzzle master,” “Mistakes help me learn,” and “I’m a hard worker.”

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    The next day, when he tried doing the puzzle again and failed, he didn’t cry — he simply returned it to its proper place and said that he would try again next time. “My heart fluttered a bit with pride,” Tucker wrote.


    Just because you encourage your child to recite positive phrases to herself when she feels discouraged over not being able to achieve something doesn’t mean that she will succeed at it next time, as Tucker discovered. What you are doing by encouraging your child to utter positive affirmations to herself is boosting her up inside so that even when she does encounter failure and disappointment, she won’t hate or tear herself down.

    To get you started, here are examples of positive affirmations you can practice at home:

    • I can learn from my mistakes.
    • I can learn new skills.
    • I am strong.
    • I am kind.
    • I am unique.
    • I am important and valued.
    • I can help other people.
    • I am smart.

    As a parent, you have a powerful impact on the way your child sees herself. Make sure you use that influence wisely. As Popsugar notes, “Behind every young child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed in them first.”

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